Claim the Destiny you were born to live– 

When you know what Life offers you and what it expects from you, then it makes sense that you will have less fear and more confidence in your responses. Your Destiny Profile gives you an understanding of the experiences that Life provides for you so you can develop and best use your talents and abilities to maximise success and happiness in your life.

  • Discover in what capacity you are intended to use the talents written in your Birth Number.
  • Are you a peacemaker with a Destiny of leadership?
  • Or, are you a leader with the Destiny of a peacemaker?
  • Or, a sensitive introvert with a public Destiny?
  • Or, perhaps you’re a realist, a practical person with an artistic Destiny?
  • Whatever your Destiny, get to know it. It is yours to live, love and enjoy!
  • Discover areas of business most suitable for the skills and talents in your Birth Number.
  • Find out what Life expects from you and how to respond for the best possible results.
  • When you step up to meet your Destiny, you will find that the stresses of life will lessen and any obstacles will diminish.
  • Experience the confidence that comes from knowing how to live your Destiny with success and happiness in view…for the best possible outcome


Destiny Number Profiles have been updated to 2,500 plus words! They are not computer generated – I have personally written every one of them.


If for whatever reason you can’t have a Life Profile consultation with me, then your Birth and Destiny Profiles are the next best thing. Read  your Destiny Profile and study the information it contains. Work with its requirements and take the opportunities it offers. In this way you can maximise success and happiness in your life.


To ensure the accuracy of your profile, I need to stress the importance of your calculations. I suggest you work out your numbers two or three times. When preparing Life Profile charts for my clients, I do my calculations three times.



Write down the full name you were given at birth, this is where your true Destiny lies. Then place the corresponding numbers under the letters of your name.

When you have done this add the numbers for each name and keep adding until you come to a single digit. Then add these numbers together until you have a single digit (except the numbers 11 and 22 which are Master Numbers and offered as Destiny Number 11 and Destiny Number 22 ).


Table of letters and their corresponding numbers:



Check out this example for Jon Bon Jovi:

J o nB o nJ o v i
1 6 52 6 51 6 4 9
1+6+5 = 122+6+5 = 131+6+4+9 = 20
1+2 = 31+3 = 42+0 = 2
3 + 4 + 2 = 9 Destiny Number

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-Please note- This is a download profile, which you receive straight away, so  remember to save it. If you need help doing this, please EMAIL ME.


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