Have you ever felt a yearning to do something more? Is there something that holds a special place in your heart, but not sure if you have the ability to follow through with it? Perhaps you’ve allowed your sensitivity to what others say and how they treat you to stop you from being ALL that your Birth Number offers.

Or maybe you’ve been meandering through life at a steady pace and are now ready to take yourself to the next level, to come to know more of you, and what you can achieve for yourself and those with whom you share your life.

Once you discover your natural abilities and talents, you’ll find that Life holds more probabilities than possibilities…once you see and understand yourself from a point of wholeness, you can meet Life’s challenges and respond to Life’s opportunities with less stress, with a quiet confidence that maximises success and happiness in your life.


Your Birth Number Profile tells it as it is-

It is detailed and easy to read. It’s not a computer generated doc, but 2500 plus words which I myself have written to help you be ALL that your Birth Number offers you.

I understand that for one reason or another, you might not be able to have a personal consultation with me. This is why I have written Birth Number Profiles (and Destiny Profiles).


Your Birth Number Profile has the potential to transform your life

  • Read it over and over, until you become it, until you become ALL of you.
  • Discover natural talents and abilities that when skilled up have the potential to get that job you’ve   always wanted.
  • Maximise your good character and success potential.
  • Be a reflection of love peace and joy in your own unique way.
  • Consider career and business opportunities most suitable to your natural talents and abilities.
  • Discover ways to maximise your relationship skills while maintaining your individuality.
  • Discover if you were born to lead, to be a peacemaker, or a visionary, a builder, or an adventurer, a  specialist, or a mastermind perhaps, or even a philanthropist.


If for whatever reason you can’t have a Life Profile consultation with me, then your Birth and Destiny Profiles are the next best thing. Read  your Birth Profile and study the information it contains. Work with its requirements and take the opportunities it offers. In this way you can maximise success and happiness in your life.




Write down your date of birth in numeric form and then add the numbers for each section until they are reduced to a single digit.


See the example below: 

Example for someone born 10 March 1961:

 (1+0 day) = 1, (
3 month) = 3, (
1+9+6+1year) = 17, 1+7 = 8              

Now add together:  1+3+8 = 12, 1+2 = 3 Birth Number


RE:  Master Numbers 11 and 22.

If you are a 2 Birth Number and this comes from 11, then your Birth Number is 11/2. Click on the add to cart button for the 11 to to purchase your profile.

If you are a 4 Birth Number and this comes from 22, then your Birth Number is 22/4. Click on the add to cart button for the 22 to to purchase your profile.


*To ensure accuracy, I suggest you do your calculations several times. 


Price: $20.00 

Pay for your Birth Number Profile with your credit card and the security of PayPal.

-Please note- This is a download profile, which you receive straight away, so  remember to save it. If you need help doing this, please EMAIL ME.



To download your Number- 

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