Looking for the love of your life?
Or perhaps you’re ready to take your established relationship to the next level…

Research tells us that compatibility is the main stayer when it comes to forming a loving and successful relationship. Numbers also reflect this, this is why I’ve based Relationship Profiles on Birth Number compatibility.

  • Discover which Birth Numbers are most compatible with you and why.
  • Look back at past relationships and their numbers.
  • Choose the number that will provide the kind of relationship you want.
  • Which numbers are more family oriented, which are more sensitive and which are more career oriented.
  • How the different numbers provide for those they love.
  • Did you know, there’s a third party  in your relationship!
  • Your partnership generates its own unique relationship – this is the game changer which takes away the guesswork.


Follow the guidance written in your numbers and begin your journey to the happy and successful relationship you and your partner were brought together to live, love and enjoy!



Write down your date of birth in numeric form and then add the numbers for each section until they are reduced to a single digit.


See the example below: 

Example for someone born 10 March 1961:

 (1+0 day) = 1, (
3 month) = 3, (
1+9+6+1year) = 17, 1+7 = 8              

Now add together:  1+3+8 = 12, 1+2 = 3 Birth Number


*To ensure accuracy, I suggest you do your calculations several times. 

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