Within a colour spectrum we see more than one colour – each uniquely beautiful, each different to the other. One colour can compliment or contrast the other – all is well, all is beautiful. And so is Life, when enriched with colour.

Sometimes we form a relationship based on personality, based on just one colour of our partner’s spectrum of the diverse facets that make up the whole of them. This is like looking at all the colours of the spectrum, but only seeing one colour. Or, like believing that how your partner presents to you is how he/she will be under any circumstance or situation.

A Relationship Profile consultation will give you information about your partner that allows you to know his/her true colours, so to speak.  It provides you with information that will enable you to respond in ways that compliment and add harmony to your relationship.

When a relationship is based on a personality attraction, it’s like forming your relationship purely on your partner’s outer person. It tells you nothing about who they truly are, or how they respond to Life. It tells you nothing about what is closest to their heart and what is non negotiable to them.

A Relationship Profile consultation will give you the information you need to avoid any possible heartache and loss which can result from not knowing your partner’s true character, what’s important to them and what isn’t. It also gives you information which reveals your partner’s preferred response to Life’s challenges and opportunities, will they go after what they want or will they sit back and wait. Discover what’s in their love space, what sits closets to their heart.

If you are ready to invest yourself in a relationship worthy of you, or if you are in a relationship that is challenging you, then perhaps this is for you, and now is the time you’ve been waiting for.



Discover each other’s colours – All of them!

So you can love them in your own special way…


Your consultation includes:

Preparation of yours and your partner’s Life Profile Numerology charts

One hour consultation – in person or via Skype.


Fee: $250.00

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