For those students who are looking to study on their own, I’ve decided to offer my Workshop notes as a Self Study Course.  Please know that no tutorials are offered with the notes.  

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Numerology Workshop I – description overview

Pre requisite – None

  • Everything is reflected in numbers. Discover what Numerology can tell you and how you can use it to maximise success and happiness in your life and in the lives of your clients.
  • Numbers and their meanings.
  • Karmic and master numbers – the huge opportunity that is offered to some individuals.
  • Letters of the alphabet and their corresponding numbers.
  • How to draw up a Numerology Life Profile Chart.
  • Overview of Birth, Destiny, Heart, Personality and Life Achievement Numbers – the main areas of interpretation and their significance in our lives.
  • Meaning and interpretation of the Birth and Destiny Numbers 



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Numerology Workshop II description overview

Pre requisite – completion of Workshop I

  • Heart Number – the stuff that drives you – your passion for living, what you love!
  • Personality Number – interpreting “the persona,” why people don’t always show their true nature.
  • Planes of expression – how people react to life issues and situations and why. Indicators for one’s preferred response – some people are more at home in the practical and physical aspects of life, for others it’s the intellectual, for some it’s the emotional response whilst some operate more from the  intuitive level. Discover/learn why our responses to Life, to what happens to us can be different to who we are when we call the shots. Most Personality Assessors used by Psychologists, Counsellors, and other professionals are based solely on this area.


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Numerology Workshop III description overview

Pre requisite – completion of Workshop II

  • Character Traits – the stuff of you – your true character.
  • Points of Intensification – special talents, skills and potential, career indicators.
  • Challenges including Habit Challenge – what can stop an otherwise talented person from realising his/her success and happiness. How to turn it into a positive.
  • Pinnacles – interpreting the past, present and future – how to take the opportunities Life offers within a given time span.


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