Discover your place of influence and maximise success and happiness in your life..


To be what you are not is the most stressful way to live. While trying to be what others expect you to be you are missing out on who you were born to be. While trying to be like others, you’re missing out on coming to know, utilise and skill up your very own natural talent and ability.

Discover where and how you can best shine …In your own family and community, in your business life, and in the world beyond.

Perhaps you have a beautiful dream in the waiting room of your mind and don’t quite know how to make it real. You may even doubt that you have what it takes to make it real. Maybe your heart space is so filled with the hard stuff of life, that you cannot see this.

You may feel that you are not doing enough, or that you need a University Degree to succeed. Not everyone is here to be an astronaut, but everyone is here to live and succeed according to their own place of influence, according to their talent, character, ability and opportunities, including YOU. But you cannot do this until you come to know where your place of influence is. 

Are you ready to-

  • Discover the unique and wonderful person you were born to be?
  • Minimise the stress in your life and maximise the good stuff?
  • Know what can be the biggest stressor in your life and how you can minimise or even eliminate it? 
  • Get answers to those deep and important questions?
  • Get answers to those questions no one else has been able to give you?
  • Know why certain things happen or have the potential to happen?
  • Take the opportunities Life offers you?
  • Understand Life’s challenges and how to walk through them?
  • Respond to Life in ways that enable the best possible outcome?


If you’ve answered yes to some or all of these questions, then maybe you’re ready for a Numerology Life Profile consultation – For an appointment with the rest of your life…  (confidentiality respected)


How knowing your special place of influence can transform your life..

Some years ago I was mentor to a young man who had struggled with much in his young life. He found school studies very difficult, and so when he had the opportunity to do a trade apprenticeship, he welcomed it. He worked very hard, he was happy to have a job. Though it didn’t pay much, he put in 100% effort and gave his best. He was keen to learn, and his Life Profile clearly reflected that what he couldn’t grasp from a textbook, he grasped quite easily in a visual and hands on way.

When he had completed his apprenticeship, he was made redundant. As you can imagine he was shattered. At the same time, his Life Profile reflected a new cycle of experience about to begin with his next birthday, which was only weeks away. Life was asking him to take charge of his life and consider something bigger than he thought he could do.

I suggested he start his own business. Why? Because his Life Profile reflected that what he lacked in formal classroom accomplishment, he more than made up in business acumen and determination.

Plus, his new cycle of experience held opportunity for him to be outstanding in his field.

He agreed that with my continued mentoring, he would give it a go. Thirteen years later, he is a successful businessman with employees of his own. Interestingly, the school that told him he wouldn’t amount to much invited him back. Would he speak to the students…would he speak about how he overcame his challenges to become such an outstanding and successful businessman?


Once you know where your place of influence is, you will not settle for less than ALL you were born to be..

During a consultation with Jenny (not her real name), she told me she had been offered a choice of two positions in her company. One was in management and the other a more senior role requiring leadership. She took the management position but has not been happy.

I told her that had she come to see me before making the decision, I would have said, “Take the top position. You can do it because that’s what you are here to do – to lead.” And while her Life Profile also reflected excellent management numbers, she was born to lead not to manage. Her management numbers were intended to support her, not direct her.

Once you come to know your place of influence, where you were born to shine, you can leave the fear and anxiety behind you, taking charge of your life with a quiet and secure confidence. Responding to what Life brings you in ways that promote more peace and joy, and a stress-less way of achieving your success.

Your Numerology Life Profile clearly indicates which of your talents, character and abilities are intended to direct your life, to stand out, and which are there to support and promote those stand out qualities, both in your personal and business life, and ultimately in our world.


If  you’re ready to discover the unique person you were born to be, your own place of influence and where your talents and abilities best shine, then perhaps you are ready for your own Numerology Life Profile consultation – 



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Your consultation includes:

Preparation of your Life Profile Numerology chart (done before your consultation)

One and a half hours session – in person, via telephone or  Skype.

Fee: $250.00

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Your consultation includes:

Preparation of your Life Profile Numerology chart (done before your consultation)

One hour session – in person, via telephone or  Skype.

Fee: $195.00

Buy with your credit card and the security of PayPal



Follow up consultation:

If you’ve had a Life Profile Numerology consultation with me in the past five years and your LP Chart is still current, perhaps this one’s for you:

One hour session – in person , via telephone or  Skype.

Fee: $150.00

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