Giorga's Prayer

Georgia’s Prayer –

the ultimate Law of Attraction prayer



GIORGA’S PRAYER  –  a prayer of remembering and becoming…



  • Your beautiful God given talents, character and attributes.
  • That you were spirit before you entered your body…and this is what moves and breathes you and what connects you to others. 


  • Once again becoming that which you are and have always been, but have perhaps forgotten-  a spark of Divinity expressing love, peace and joy through your human body, in your own unique and beautiful way.


My intention is that Giorga’s Prayer, which I wrote for my first grandchild, becomes your ultimate  source in becoming ALL that you are.
Download it, it’s free! Print many copies, one for every pocket or handbag.. and then say it with  faith and love as many times a day as you will, and you will surely become it…


Click here for your free download of Giorga’s Prayer

May you always be an expression of God’s love, peace and joy…Anna B.