Are you considering a name change?

Name Change Profiles have been one of the most requested to date. I cannot stress enough the importance that any name change be taken seriously, including the name change which comes from taking on your partner’s name in marriage.

When I profile a new name I do so with the utmost consideration to enhance your talents, good character and success potential for available opportunities.


Why a consultation is included with your Name Change Package-

  • To let you know which of the new names you supplied is most compatible to you, to your Life Profile.
  • To explain what your new name will mean for you, personally and professionally.
  • To discuss with you the new opportunities that come with your new name and how you can best take them.
  • How your new name will influence the Destiny written in your birth name.
  • How to use the opportunities and changes in your new name so they compliment those in  your birth name.
  • How you can maximise success and happiness in your life.
  • To provide an opportunity for you to ask me any other questions you may have about your new name, your birth name or anything else about your Life Profile (as your consultation time permits).

Please note- Numerology Name Change Packages do not include written reports.


Your Name Change Package includes-   

  • Profiling of up to 3 names, (I do this before your consultation)  
  • Preparation of your Life Profile chart (I do this before your consultation)
  • 30 minutes consultation
  • If you have more than 3 names, each additional name is charged at $30.00 per name. 



Name Change Package:  $230.00


Buy with the security of PayPal and other credit cards

Consultations can be in person, via telephone or Skype.

Answers to questions you might ask..

Who chooses the new name?

  • I profile the names you choose. I do this based on your Life Profile chart and tell you if it’s compatible with you, with your career – with your life, with your goals…and so forth.

Why do I need my Life Profile chart?

  • Your Life Profile chart is your life plan; just like a house has a plan and any major additions or alterations made must consider the original plan. So it is with you, any changes to your name must be based on your Life Profile to be beneficial to you –anything else would be a wild guess!
  • Profiling your new name without your LP chart would be like asking me to design an outfit for you without ever having met you or known you. Having no measurements or indication of what suits you. Imagine how disastrous that would be!

What can I expect from my new name? 

  • The new name is intended to add a more positive influence to the destiny written in your birth name – to make life’s challenges less challenging and your goals more attainable. To open up more channels of expression and therefore more opportunity for the use of your talents. Its effect on your life will increase over time.  Its effect comes from frequent use, the more often you use your new name, the more you will feel its influence.

Do I have to change my new name legally?

  • No. It’s not necessary to change your name legally unless you particularly want to do so, or you need to do so for legal reasons. The effect of your new name comes from frequent use, the more often you use your new name, the more you will feel its influence in your life.


Name Change Package:  $230.00


Buy with the security of PayPal and other credit cards