The opportunities on offer to you today would be considered with much more seriousness and enthusiasm if you knew how much they influence your future. In fact, they determine your future. I will even go as far as saying, they are your future! In all this though, we can say that 90% of the population goes about its business with eyes closed to this most magnificent and powerful truth.

Would be-professionals spend tens of thousands of dollars each year in University fees with the hope that a degree will give them the edge in business or a career. In the hope that it will provide the lifestyle, success and financial security they want and so crave. Yet, statistics tell a very different story.

As a Life Profiler and world leading Numerologist, my intention has always been and continues to be, to help my clients come to see and know the unique and enormous potential in the person they were born to be. And then how to apply that, how to use that, to maximise success and happiness in their lives.

It doesn’t matter the field you’re in…Whether you’re a tradesperson or professional, a life coach or counsellor,  motivational speaker or influencer, a medico or politician, a teacher or trainer, a company director or entertainer….claim the success and happiness Life intended for you. 


Your initial consultation includes:

Preparation of your Life Profile chart

Preparation of your business partner’s Life Profile chart OR Business name chart

(I do this before your consultation)

Please note Preparation of additional relative charts and calculations are not included in this fee. 


An hour and a half consultation

Your session can be in person, via telephone or Skype. 

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Follow up session 
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