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I help people from all walks of life come to know their place of influence and use it to maximise success and happiness in their lives.

With number as my medium, I relate what’s happening in your life and in our world in a way that is understandable, useful and realistic.

There is a greatness in all of us, just waiting to be accessed and used to bring success and happiness in our lives and the world we live in.

I wish you could see what I see in numbers!

I wish you could see what I see in your numbers… 


Publicly speaking… 

I have written for The Sunday Telegraph, The West Australian and New Idea. I have been interviewed on matters related to numbers by both newspapers and magazines as the leading numerologist. I have been a guest on national television, Sydney and interstate radio. I have also been a guest on John Edward’s Evolve show.


       With world renowned Psychic Medium, John Edward, at Sydney’s State Theatre 


My books…

I wrote my first book in 2005, while undergoing six months of heavy duty chemotherapy for post operative breast and lymphatic cancer, thirty shots of radiation and a broken arm just for good measure. 

I tell you this because I don’t want you to stress over what happens TO you. I want you to focus on your response to it. You have no control over what happens to you, but your response is very much in your control, and this will create the next scene in your life.

In January 2020 I felt the time was right to republish a book I wrote a decade ago. Much of what I foresaw and wrote about then has been happening in recent years and continues. Many of you have told me so. Now re published with new cover, take a look,  From Now to Eternity.

It gives me great pleasure to tell you that the first book of the Trilogy I am writing is NOW PUBLISHED! Book one of three is The Nine Cycles of a Rich Life. I hope you like it as much as I do…and I hope you use the knowledge, Numeric precision and Spiritual wisdom contained in this book to live a truly rich life.




If you’d like to know how it all began, check out this interview…


How were you introduced to Numerology?

It was never my intention to be a Numerologist. I was set up! I was guided towards numbers by a Power far greater, and far more loving than I ever imagined existed.

From when I was a child I had an insatiable desire to know the why of life. I thought Psychology would give me the answers, so after retiring from a career in creative industry, I began studies in what I intended to be my second career. I began a BA in Psychology at Macquarie University, but within a very short time, I had to defer for family reasons.

And though I had planned to return as soon as possible, as it turned out, Life had other plans for me. That summer while browsing in a little shop at the coast, I came across some Numerology books. I did not know it then, but this was the beginning of the answers to my life’s longing to know and understand the why of life.

Numbers became my life. They captivated me… the fact that I could test and prove them gave me the security that they were accurate, that they were reliable and truthful.


How did it become your life’s work?

Even after years of study, research and practise, I still doubted that I was good enough. Besides, I had a job I loved, I was teaching at WSIT. Then one day I received a request for a consultation from a lady that to this day, I’ve never met…it came to me via my hairdresser. It was for her son.

I decided to write a profile rather than do the consultation. As I prepared his chart and his numbers came together, I could see that this young man had been dealt a most challenging life. To be sure I had not made a mistake, I called my client to double check the details I had been given. As soon as I told her why I was calling, she began to cry. I still remember her words all these years later…she said, “I knew it couldn’t all be his fault.”

It took me days to prepare; when I had completed it I sent it to her in a sealed envelope via our hairdresser. A few days later she called me. She said she gave it to her son who after reading it said to her, “It’s like she was inside my head!”

I did many more written profiles. My first face to face consultation came when a young friend of my son’s asked me if I would give him a Life Profile consultation before he left to begin a new career in London. This was a major move for him, so I could not refuse.

As it turned out this was to mark the beginning of my consultancy practice as a Numerologist and Life Profiler.


What makes my Numerology Life Profiling System stand apart?

Ask yourself how many people are born on the same day, month and year as you and have the same name as you, spelled the same as yours? This is how specific to you, your Life Profile is. 

For me, numbers reflect life itself – your life and the life of the world. Past, present and possible futures. I am forever in awe of what they lovingly and accurately divulge to me. And I am forever grateful that Life redirected my path, for numbers tell me far more than I could ever have imagined.

Is there a particular area of Numerology that is under utilised?

Problem solving – once I have prepared my client’s Life Profile chart, not only do their combination of numbers reflect what’s going on in their life, but also the best way to respond to it for the best possible outcome.

Numbers give me a behind the scenes view on your life. For me, numbers have ALL the answers. Not just for individuals but also for world related matters.

Are some areas of Numerology more significant than others?

It’s ALL important. It’s your life we’re talking about! No part of your life is unimportant, however, for clients who for whatever reason cannot have a consultation with me, I have personally written detailed profiles on two most significant areas. These can be downloaded from my website, just click here – Discover the person you were born to be and here  Claim the Destiny you were born to live  While they do not replace a consultation, they are the next best thing.


What do your clients have in common?

I’ve had the privilege of profiling many prominent people, celebrities included, but my clients come from all walks of life, and I love this!

Some come for validation about something they feel, but are not sure if it’s possible. Others come for guidance, when they feel overwhelmed by pain, sorrow or loss. Others, for direction when they have an important decision to make and want the best possible outcome.

For some it’s about finding the best time to start a new business or for career advice. For example one client said to me that she was recently offered a choice of two positions in her company, one was in management the other a more senior role requiring leadership. She took the management position but has not been happy.

I told her that had she come to see me before making the decision, I would have said, “Take the top position. You can do it because that’s what you are here to do – to lead.” While she also has excellent management numbers, she was born to lead not to manage. Her management numbers were intended to support her, not direct her.

Some seek information and guidance about their relationships. For others still, it’s a yearning from their very soul, to know their purpose in life, to know what they were born to do and be.

We all have a purpose; we each have a mandate, a mission to fulfil in our lifetime. Knowing what that is encourages you to move forward with a quiet confidence.

How do you explain Numerology to skeptics?

That’s like asking me how I respond to myself! I’m the biggest skeptic! Time and time again in the past I have questioned the validity of what numbers reflect to me…and every single time their accuracy has proven them to be beyond even an iota of doubt! It’s for this very reason that I love numbers.

When a skeptic is a seeker of truth, then I am happy to explain. When a skeptic is not yet ready to grasp such truths, then I am understanding.

If you could see what I see in numbers, you too would be in awe at the enormity of what they contain and reflect about your life and the life of our world.

If you want to see what I see in YOUR numbers please  EMAIL ME.