When I speak or think about love or compassion, my mind takes me to Jesus Christ and Siddhartha Gautama, more commonly known as the Buddha. Physicists tell us that time as we know it does not exist. They say that experiences happen simultaneously, all at once. So, from a perspective of physics, both JC and Buddha lived and expressed compassion and love in timelessness.

Past, present and future exist concurrently in the present as probabilities waiting to be brought into existence. However, for our human intellect to process experiences, we determine them as past, present or future. Numbers also reflect this. Our experiences and our inherent abilities are specified the moment we are born and given a name. Which of those abilities you choose to focus upon, will be showcased in your life. If you don’t choose anything specific on which to focus, nothing specific will manifest in your life. This is clear to see. Many people simply plod along. Some happy to do so, others not. Some people focus on a specific ability, a specific desire, maintaining that focus until when the time is right, it manifests in their life.

When we view time as a human construct, history tells us that Buddha lived approximately 500 years before Jesus Christ. Whether or not you believe in timelessness is not important. Of more import is that they decided to focus on, live and express love and compassion so passionately that their influence is still felt 2500 years later.

Of course, we can find many examples of ordinary human beings who lived and expressed their focus, their passion, in the physical world. People in every field in fact. Every one of these individuals faced what can seem like insurmountable challenges. And everyone of them met those challenges in the physical experience. They felt the pain, the anguish, the opposition, the frustration, yet they continued, they maintained momentum until their mission was accomplished.

The important question to ask ourselves is, where have we placed our focus? What is your passion to live and express in this current lifetime?

I know, there is a greatness in each one of us, waiting to be accessed and used to bring success and happiness in our lives and in the world we live in.

Are you ready to discover the unique and talented person you were born to be? Then perhaps you’re ready for an appointment with the rest of your life!



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