It’s a question asked by many… it’s probably the most asked question of all – Who am I? Yes, who are you? There are many answers that come to mind – I am a woman, I am a man, I am a human, I am a mother, I am a father, I am an androgyny, I am… I am… and so forth. But do any of the ‘I ams’ tell us who we truly are? Or do they merely offer an interpretation of form? Think about it. If I am a woman, if I am a mother, is that who I truly am? What about, I am Anna? Is that more authentic? Mmm… not really. I express as Anna, but that is not my true nature. That is my true nature expressing as Anna.

In essence, in truth, we are Divine Beings experiencing the human form and all that can be experienced through our human form, here on planet earth. If this is so, if we are truly Divine, then why can’t we ‘abracadabra’ away all the nasty elements of the physical world, such as diseases, crimes, poverty? If we are truly Divine, shouldn’t we be more powerful than powerless?

For sure, we are powerful, when we remember who we truly are. As for abracadabra-ing away all that we don’t like, well that’s all part of the physical element we came to earth to experience. That said, our true state, our true nature is love, peace and joy. In our forgetting our Divinity however, we become engrossed in more of the physical nature. And in so doing, or should I say, in so becoming, we forget the power that we are. We forget the power which enables us to walk through Life’s experiences, whether we deem them as good, bad or indifferent, without absorbing them, without becoming them. This is what is meant by the words expressed by Jesus, ‘to be in the world but not of the world.’

Perhaps this analogy might help – say you decide to experience life in a foreign country. You move there, learn the language native to that country and no longer speak your own native language because you want to fully immerse yourself in this other culture. You dress, speak, live, work and assimilate fully with the people native to this other country. After years of living like this, as an ‘other’ than who you are, you no longer see yourself as who you are. You begin to forget your previous life, it becomes more of a blur, you become uncertain now, as to who you truly are.

I encourage you to remember who you truly are – Divinity expressing in human form. Experiencing the good, bad and indifferent, whilst remembering all the while that we are not that. Remembering all the while that we are Divine, resting in love, peace and joy.

May you live A Rich Life, remembering who you truly are…

Anna B.

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