Jannik Sinner arrives at Rome airport, carrying the Australian Open trophy in a green-and-gold bag. (EPA PHOTO)

Jannik Sinner arrives at Rome airport, carrying the Australian Open trophy in a green-and-gold bag. (EPA PHOTO) (www.bluemountainsgazette)

Jannik Sinner wins his first major grand slam at twenty two 


If you watched Sunday evening’s epic Australian Open final with Daniil Medvedev and Jannik Sinner, you would’ve been enthralled! It was spectacular! This was Sinner’s first grand slam final. I’m sure you’ll agree that the young 22 year-old Sinner, being two sets down and Medvedev playing superbly, better than he had ever played, as the commentators said, you (and most other spectators) would have deemed a win as impossible. And that’s exactly what the 22/4 Master Number offered him through his Personal Year Cycle Directive – the opportunity to achieve what most people would see as unachievable!

I had prepared Jannik Sinner’s Life Profile chart earlier that week, with the intention of using it as an example in a Numerology class. But, when I saw that he was in a 22/4 PYC Directive, my excitement grew! We don’t often see the 22/4 Master Number directing a PYC, so I took the opportunity to do some ‘in vivo’ research.

I’m a Djocovic fan, but of course I wanted Sinner to win, he’s Italian! As Sinner and Djocovic walked onto Rod Laver arena on Friday (26th Jan), I told my son about my research. I’ll admit, as much as I wanted him to win, I was just as enthusiastic about my research. Needless to say, he annihilated Djocovic! I was ecstatic! “What a great start for the 22/4!” I shouted. “Now I can’t wait to see if he maintains the momentum and take out the final!”

In all this you might be asking why I didn’t call it. Well, nothing is set in stone. And that’s one of the most beautifully empowering truths about Life, because it tells us that we have a say in any outcomes through our responses. Through our responses we co-create the next scene of our life with the invisible world.

When I prepared Medvedev’s LP chart, it showed that Life was offering him something new – a chance to be ‘numero uno’ at something. He’d been in the AO finals twice before, so clearly Life was offering him a win. The question I asked myself was, will it be the 1 or the 22/4 to take the prize? As I do, I answered my own question. Seeing Life was offering this prize to both players, the player to win would be the one most aligned with his Directive number and Life, Herself.

When an individual is offered a 22/4 experience, the greatness on offer is matched only by its enormous challenge. The 22/4 experience is the most difficult of all the number experiences. Its reward though, for the individual who steps up to its enormous challenge, is stupendous! Magnanimous!

On Sunday evening, 28th Jan, at the AO final my question was, “does Jannik Sinner have what it takes to meet his 22/4 Challenge and take the prize?” And in this case, it was an ecstatic YES!

Personal Year Cycles are one of the most important areas on your Life Profile chart. Within them is written what’s on offer for you each year of your life. What Life intends to hone, polish and showcase for you each year of your life, and how you can best respond to enable you to take the reward on offer. It’s because of its stand alone importance, that I wrote, “The Nine Cycles of a Rich Life”. It’s for this reason, that I wrote a whole book solely dedicated to PYC numbers.

If we are to get the best possible outcome to what Life/Divinity/The Universe offers us, then we must be both willing and prepared to meet Her half way. The main reason why so many individuals miss opportunities for success and happiness, is because though Life may offer success, though Life may offer happiness, they knowingly or unknowingly decline to meet the challenge that comes with it. And for most individuals, that’s either because they are not aware of what Life is offering them or they don’t know how to meet the challenge which would ultimately give them ‘the prize.’

If you are interested in what Life has on offer for you, this year, or the next, and the next…. for each year of the rest of your life, then perhaps you might take a look at this book “The Nine Cycles of a Rich Life,” . It’s available from your favourite on line bookstore.  

May you live a rich life – Rich in love, in health, wealth and joy!

Anna B. 🌻



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