World Time Cycles form the platform for the world and its inhabitants. The platform from which to launch desires, needs, wants, aspirations and expectations. In turn, they are encoded with their own mandate, with their own intentions, expectations and demands for humanity. Through their opportunities and challenges, World Time Cycles offer all that is necessary for harmony, accomplishment, growth, empowerment and prosperity for all. All written therein, according to their numeric directive and duration.

Welcome 2024! 

A year directed by the number 8, which sits within the 225 Major Time Cycle, under the direction of the number 9. This year, the world, humanity as a whole, has the 8 interacting with the 9. The power, influence, authority, control, wealth, success and expansion of the 8, wrapped up in the forgiveness, compassion, love, understanding, philanthropy and broadmindedness ‘high end’ qualities of the 9. By high end I mean qualities that are closer to the Divine within us than the human of us. The Master 22 sits within the current MTC of 225, which encourages humanity with opportunities in which the unachievable can be achieved. The question is, will we, will those in power have a go at achieving the unachievable? Of transmuting war into peace, unrest into harmony, hunger into plenty, displacement into stability, greed into philanthropy, injustice into justice for all. All this is what’s on offer for humanity.  

Your own Personal Year Cycle sits within this 8 directive for 2024. You will find your personal best responses to World Time Cycles within your own Personal Year Cycle directive. Keep in mind that your PYC runs from birthday to birthday, not from January to December, as for World Time Cycles.

Where last year (2023), the directive was to release the controls, 2024 urges us to pick up the controls. But not to be controlling. When there’s chaos in our midst, someone needs to take control and re establish equilibrium. I wonder how many, if any world leaders will do this.

On the world stage, this year is for going after what you want. Success is offered but it must be worked for. For every time one gets knocked down, for every time plans go retrograde, whether for a nation, an individual or a corporation, Life says, “Don’t tell me it’s too hard, pick up your pace and keep going!” Yes, 2024 will test us for strength, endurance, willpower and fairness.

Balance is key to the 8’s success. Balancing the masculine with its feminine side, strength with gentleness, spiritual with the material, work with play. The 8 is here to supervise, manage and lead others towards betterment as well as itself. Those who bring balance and consider the wellbeing of others, will have the edge, as opposed to those who strive only for their own personal success. There are two extremes to the 8. When in negative mode, those working/responding from either extreme of this number, that is, either passive or aggressive, will not gain the success on offer and any success will be hard won. The way to win is to balance these two extremes by bringing them to their centre and forgoing passivity and aggression for assertiveness and authentic authority and confidence.

There’s ambition and the desire to achieve in the 8, and with this comes a sense of being driven to achieve. The reasoning and logical thinking of the 8 coupled with the compassion of the 9 must supersede emotional reaction. For those countries at war, if their leaders’ drive for achievement, for their wants, lack the balance of the 8 and/or the understanding and philanthropic nature of the 9 directing the 225 MTC, this will not bring peace but an escalation and an expansion of aggression.

Property and real estate sit well with the 8 – buying, selling, renovating, housing in general, including for the homeless and returned soldiers, tiny houses, boarding houses, community housing etc. Homelessness has increased in Western countries which is abhorrent when one considers the billions spent on other areas.

The year 2024 comes in with two big numbers working side by side, the 8 and the 9. Much can be achieved, much can be gained if those in power can get out of their own desire for personal power, gain and authority. Perhaps we need to take another look at the democratic system which at times is not democratic at all. According to the United Nations, democracy “provides an environment that respects human rights and fundamental freedoms, and in which the freely expressed will of people is exercised.”

The 8 is a magnanimous number! Use its power, mental acumen, authority, influence and achievement to bring prosperity and betterment into your life and the lives of others. Remember that the power of ONE can influence and empower the MANY!



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  1. Tony
    January 1, 2024 at 4:25 pm — Reply

    Happy New Year Anna
    Thank you for sharing a fantastic post for the beginning of 2024. So true may we all share in the sharing of power.

    • January 3, 2024 at 10:52 am — Reply

      Thank you Tony!

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