When a number is so prominent in an equation it must be taken into consideration if the best possible outcome is to be realised. The number 11 is as you may know, is a Master Number. When we talk of Master Numbers we know that they both carry and reflect a lot more than other numbers. They offer more growth, more success, more influence and more attainment, but at the same time they expect so much more from us. The challenge or difficulty in living up to the successful acquisition of the promises of this number, lies proudly within the dichotomy of its very essence.

When we add the 11, 1+1=2, herein we see its diverse intention. The One being an assertive and forward thinking number, a number which is exclusive, outstanding, a number which other numbers look to for direction. All this and more, rolled into and expressed through the Two – A number which likes to fit in, a number which calls for cooperation, partnerships, inclusion, diplomacy and cohesion. The very opposite to the One.

If you were born to live this magnanimous Master Number, then you must be willing to leave those who cross your path with as much a sense of equality, authority and success as yourself. Is this your Birth Number (also called your Life Path)? Is this your Destiny Number? Does this number direct your life? If so, then the question is, are you willing to be all that it offers you, all that it expects from you? Are you willing to guide and direct yourself towards betterment on every level so that you can then guide and direct others? Are you willing to be the kind of leader the world needs now?   


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