I have been thinking about writing this article for some time, but I needed to be sure of my conclusions. It’s a question many of us ask. I have pondered on this for decades. Is death pre-determined? Is it random? Do we determine it? Is it determined by Divinity, by Life? If as I claim, our responses to Life’s experiences influence our tomorrows, is it possible to invoke death through those very responses?

Post Covid, we have heard of many people dying that were considered to be in the best of health. Some people died from Covid, others did not, regardless of their state of health. Some people have survived car crashes and other accidents that we would deem ‘un survivable.’ Some alcoholics get liver cancer, others do not. I recall one client telling me that he was born so sick that the doctor told his parents that he would not survive childhood. He recommended that they don’t feed him and let nature take its course. He lived beyond his eightieth birthday. He said to me, “I outlived my healthy friends!”

Where’s the logic in this? Is there any logic in this? Is Life toying with us? There is so much to consider when contemplating ‘the why’ of Life and ‘the why’ of our individual lives. If as some say, we create our lives, our wealth, our wellbeing, through our thoughts and feelings, is it possible that we also create our death?

In April, this year, I underwent another major surgery to remove more cancer from my body. My third in eighteen months. So yes, I’ve wondered if my time on the planet is drawing close. How could I not? Though the Divine in me is fearless, the human of me is at times fearful. This ageless question is personal for me, as it may be for some of you, too. My intention for writing this is to remove or at least to lessen the fear of death so we can live fully.

Do we create our lives? Yes and no. When I draw up a Life Profile chart for a client, I can clearly see the experiences written and timed for the span of that individual’s life. But though the experiences are there to be lived, to be taken, the outcome is always dependant and influenced by our responses to those experiences. So, yes, we can create the life we want – as long as what we want is within the context, within the parameters, of the life experiences we were born to live and the person we were born to be. These experiences, these opportunities are so, so many. We are not limited, we are limitless! In knowing this, we can choose to align ourselves with Life, with Divinity, and nothing less. We can choose to participate in Life’s dance of a continuous evolvement towards an ever expanding consciousness, which in turn opens the way for us to enjoy success and happiness on the earth plane, in our own individual way. And in turn we make the world a more harmonious place.

I have concluded that the death of the body just like its birth, is pre- determined. In saying this, I also believe that we can shorten our life if we burden ourselves in ways that our body, our intellect, our emotions, cannot cope with. Knowing this, believing this, I am determined to continue living while I’m alive (that sounds a little Bon Jovi-ish!), caring for the whole of me through which, the Divine within me (and you), expresses on this physical plane. In knowing this to be true for me, the stress of wondering if my time is up, is removed, for now at least. You might think this is a cop out excuse… but is it? No, not for me, but I accept and respect that you might not agree with me, and that’s OK.

I wish you abundant good health and wellbeing!

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