“Most of the experiences that come to us are everyday ones. You might even consider them of no great importance. And while you may consider them not life changing, they can be. Because with every response you make, you set up another scene of your life within the context of what’s scripted in your Life Profile and your PYC, “Page 17, The Nine Cycles of a Rich Life).

Consider this scenario – say you email me to book a Life Profile consultation. Your email comes to me. I have no control over that. My response however, is very much in my control. If I say ‘yes’ to your request, then Life sets about creating the next scene of your life, within the context of your request and my part in it. If I say ‘no,’ then that possible experience is not created. It does not happen.

This is a simple scenario, but one which clearly demonstrates why and how your responses are so very powerful.

Last week I watched the David Beckham story on Netflix. I was enthralled! His responses to the numerous challenges Life threw at him, brought him results and outcomes that were amazing, both personally and professionally.

I agree that we’re not David Beckhams, yet when we respond from the best of who we are, of who we were born to be, according to our active Personal Year Cycle (PCY), we are rewarded with the best outcomes possible. Of course, we have to live those difficulties, those challenges, just as Beckham did. But through his responses, he got something good from the ‘bad.’ What were difficult experiences were turned into the best outcomes he could have imagined! His focus was not on how badly he was treated, but on how he could still keep delivering his best, in spite of how badly he was treated.   

I invite you to watch the documentary and see for yourself how his every response to the ‘curved balls’ Life delivered, brought him immense success, wealth, recognition and admiration. Beckham’s story vividly shows just how powerful our responses can be. David Beckham is proof that your responses to what happens to you can be amazingly powerful, empowering and life transforming. And… you’ve gotta love that!  

The Nine Cycles of a Rich Life, can guide you through Life’s tough stuff and the good stuff, so you get the best possible outcomes, just as it continues to guide me and countless other readers.


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