Making $21 million a day:

How the world’s richest got even richer this year



“Getting richer day by day: Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg led a $1.28 trillion surge in fortunes among the globe’s wealthiest 500 people.” (Article by Annie Massa and Jack Witzig

July 4, 2023 )


What if the above headline read like this…

How the world’s richest got even richer this year and how their immense generosity helped millions of people living in poverty…


We have nothing against people earning big bucks, and I’m sure they make donations to their favourite charities. However, it would be nice to also see what they donate, in print. In this case, to see how much good these billionaires contributed, how many people they helped with some of their “$1.28 trillion” increase in wealth. Doing this might perhaps stir competition as to who contributes the most, who are the most generous, given their enormous wealth. We often see lists of the ten wealthiest people in the world, but I’ve yet to see lists of the ten most generous wealthiest people in the world. 

I dare reporters to add a little something else to some of these stories of wealth and power.

Imagine if the above article included that  …It wasn’t only the billionaires that benefited from this enormous wealth increase. Ten billion dollars from their $1.28 trillion was donated to provide housing for the homeless and health care for those who cannot afford it.  

Let’s call out to reporters to make a few changes to their reporting. Let’s urge them to find ways of reporting that contribute towards the betterment of those in need … to dare to be more creative in how they offer the daily news.

It is not enough to abstain from doing bad things. Abstaining from doing bad things does not make us good people. Good people must also DO good, wherever they find themselves, with what they have available to them. From a smile or a kind word to housing the homeless. In this way each of us advances and grows in spirit, in consciousness, which in turn advances the whole human race.

There’s lots of talk about what kind of footprint we leave, how about this one-

“Let your names be remembered for the good you have done” (attributed to Mother Teresa).






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