Your Destiny is lifelong

That which moves and breathes you is Divine Spirit. The Spirit within you. It’s that which guides you to make good choices. The best choices for yourself, and in doing so add to the good in the world.  Every good deed expands the consciousness of the whole of humanity. It’s like when we eat healthy food, it doesn’t just gratify our taste buds, it benefits our whole body. The Spirit within you, which we often refer to as our intuition, guides, cautions, encourages, inspires, emboldens us. Our bodies are the physical vehicles through which Divinity is expressed on the earth plane –  individually, uniquely, through each one of us as written in our own Life Profiles.

Your Destiny provides the environment, the opportunities, the challenges, situations and people through which and within which, Divine expression manifests Itself. Your Destiny is lifelong. Unlike some parts of your Life Profile, which are timed and subject to change, your Destiny stays with you all your life.

And so, the template is written, you chose it before you were born, while still in the world of Spirit. Sometimes when life is difficult and most challenging, we say it is unfair. But that is because we have forgotten that we chose these challenges freely. We were not forced. We chose them as opportunities to grow in consciousness. Just like we are free to choose our responses to them, our responses to what our Destiny expects from us, and at times demands from us. And through our responses, we either pause our state of consciousness or we expand it. We choose. The wonderful thing is that the more expansive is our consciousness, the less impact life’s difficulties have on us and the greater our success and happiness on the earth plane.

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