Perhaps you’ll agree that the act of forgiveness can be a most challenging one. One which can take us back and forth as we attempt to release the person or experience from our lives.

While many can forgive, many also find it difficult to forget. Some people, some experiences are best forgotten, but then there are others which are best remembered. The remembering I speak of here is quite possibly one which may seem foreign. I believe it’s a necessary remembering, for which we are responsible.

To enable one to genuinely forgive and forget or forgive and remember, requires one to live in truth. That truth is that you live closely to all you were born to be. That you be and live as closely as possible to all that your Birth and Destiny Numbers offer you and expect from you. This is important because living from your truth carries an expectation that the people in your life also respond to you from their truth. Being like this, living like this is very doable when we remember that Divinity resides within us and empowers us to live that truth. But sometimes our human other self, muscles in and overwhelms us with negativity. It’s during those in-between moments that we can forget the power within us for good. Our good and the other’s good. And this brings me to the importance of forgiving and remembering.

Maybe in the past you have lent money to a friend and that friend never returned your money. Many would choose to cancel that friendship. But what if that person is someone you don’t wish to cancel out of your life? Well then, living from your truth, you need to forgive and remember. Both for your wellbeing and that of your friend. If in such a case you choose to forgive and forget, you are enabling that person to continue to not pay his/her debts. This is not just about loans. This is about trust and confidentiality and many other reasons we suffer at the hands of others. For the person who did not return your loan, you know not to lend him/her money again. You can choose to give them money, but to lend them money would be foolish. That choice is  your responsibility. You have incurred this ‘debt’ of responsibility from your loan transaction with him/her. Likewise, it’s your responsibility to never divulge something of a confidential nature to someone whom you have found or know cannot be trusted…and so on.

Remember that living your truth is never wishy washy. Neither is it easy. Living one’s truth requires courage, insight, compassion and love. We owe this active forgiving and remembering as much to those who have let us down as to ourselves.

I encourage your forgiving to be an active act of love and wisdom as you choose to forgive and forget or forgive and remember.


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