When we look at the numbers 11/2 and 22/4, we can see that they are comprised of opposites. They are dual in nature, in essence. They are known as Master Numbers.

I was once approached by someone starting a business to promote professional practitioners and asked me if I would subscribe. I asked if she’d allow me to profile the business name. The name had been chosen by a professional numerologist. It was a 22/4. It was chosen because of its enormous potential for success. “Yes, that’s true,” I replied, but did your Numerologist tell you that the 22/4’s potential for success and greatness is evenly matched by its enormous challenges?  Unfortunately, the business folded before it even got off the ground.

Master Numbers are not chosen, they are given. Given by Life Herself, by Divinity, to those who are destined to live them. But, like any other number, the choice to live Master Numbers to their potential is up to the bearer. And so it is with the duality of the human and Divine essence of our being. Like Master Numbers, the potential of living this duality is magnanimous, stupendous. Coming close to being this duality of human and Divine, is a lifelong striving, but one well worth any challenges, however many. When we are in this state of human and Divine equilibrium, we express the Divine within us through our humanity. When we are at one with Divinity, we express Divinity Itself. When our humanity is out of sync with our Divinity, the human in us believes it knows best and overrides the Divine within us, always to our detriment. This is how we create what we don’t want in our lives, in our world. It is though, this going back and forth from our human nature to our Divine nature, our constant striving to achieve alignment, an at one-ness, which expands our consciousness and power for good, for ourselves and others. This power surpasses all human power, it empowers us to walk through any ‘storm’ and to use our talent and ability to live in love, peace, joy, success and prosperity.

As we move into this millennium, the timing is right for us to acknowledge, accept, be thankful for and utilise this amazing inbuilt power we all have. We need to get back to who we truly are, to who we were born to be, we need to align ourselves to the Divine, to the Source. “Cells born from the first cell take on its image. Originally, it is the image and likeness of God. It is perfect in every way. But it becomes the form we carry in our minds.” (‘Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East’, Baird T. Spalding). These words remind us that we are born with this dual human and Divine nature, this perfection. Whether we nurture it or smother It however, depends on us. More specifically it depends on our thinking. We become what we think. If you have the ability to do something, accomplishing it rests on whether you believe you have the ability or not. I see Life Profile charts that contain so much… that offer the individual so much! But in truth, potential for success, for taking the opportunities Life offers are useless if they are not used.  

We are not here to right every wrong, every injustice. We are here to express the Divine within us, to use our authentic power for good, for all. It all starts with you and me. Look how many of us there are in the world! All we need do is think, be and respond from the best of ourselves. Maintain this in your life, with your every thought, with your every response to your experiences, regardless of whether you deem them as good or bad. Every experience is intended to motivate a response from you that raises your awareness to Truth, to love, to a higher consciousness and authentic power. This is the way we infiltrate that which is less than good. This is the only way we can infiltrate what we don’t want in our lives and render it powerless. This is the only way out of all that is less than good, less than empowering, less than love, peace, joy and prosperity. You’ve heard me say many times that this is the millennium when Spirit meets matter. Can you see any other way forward? Can you see anyone ‘out there’ who can ‘fix’ things for us? Truly, we are the only way forward!

Begin today. Make a decision to think, to be, to live and respond as the powerful Divine Self within you, yearning to express Itself through your humanity. You don’t have to stand and shout it to the world. Do it in the recesses of your mind and in the lovingness of your heart space. When a negative thought enters your mind, and it will, release it instantly. Say to yourself, “I now delete all negative thoughts from my mind and from my life.” Sometimes I need to say this many times over in one day! Don’t give up, don’t give those negative thoughts oxygen. Know, love and be the beautifully powerful being you were born to be. This forms the basis, the platform, for everything else in your life.



If you watched the Australian Open Men’s Final, you will have noticed Novak Djokovic putting on a jacket with the number 22 embroidered on it, marking his 22nd Grand Slam win. The 22/4 Master Number offers the chance to achieve the unachievable. As I said earlier, it’s journey and all it offers is not for the faint hearted. The only other tennis great to achieve 22 Grand Slam wins is Rafael Nadal.

Of course, Novak’s 22 jacket had to be made before Sunday evening, before he actually won his 22nd Grand Slam. His team’s tee shirts with number 10 on them, which they put on straight after he won, also must have been made before Sunday evening. This tells us that in Novak’s mind he never entertained not winning his 10th Australian Open, nor his 22nd Grand Slam! He believed himself to be numero uno with every fibre in him. In his mind he only pictured himself as that winner, against all odds. We got a glimpse of those ‘odds’, of those immense challenges, when we saw him break down in uncontrollable tears. Something we had not seen at any of his previous Grand Slam wins.    

Your Numerology Life Profile reflects what Life/Divinity has planned for you, but it leaves the choice to accept or refuse, up to you. Novak Djokovic chose to accept and work in skilling up his ability to perfection. In addition, his belief, his thinking is aligned with his capabilities, with who he was born to be. He believes and knows he is the best in his field.  

Remember, the ball is constantly in your court. Play it to win, play it to the very best of who you truly are, of who you were born to be!





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