When I observe people in living mode, I see many variations. Some live by force, some by imitating those they observe to be successful, some by being compliant to the wishes or demands of those more powerful, some by taking what they want from others. Some want so much that they overwhelm themselves into indecision. Some know what they want but are put off by the work entailed in getting it. Some know what they want and are willing to do what it takes to have it, to be it. Indeed, we are a complex lot!

It’s clear that most people live from the outside in, rather than from the inside out. When we live from the outside in, our true focus is distorted. We feel, we believe, that we need to be like this or that, to ‘make it.’ This renders us more powerless than powerful. These past few years, the Covid years, have taken ‘the wind out of our sails’, so to speak. Most of humanity was forced to respond to circumstances and situations which went against a vital human right – the freedom to be.

Powerlessness would have to be the worst of feelings. We’ve all experienced it at one time or another. It’s the feeling that we have no control over what is happening to us or to another. We feel powerless to make things better, to stop something bad from happening. It’s a loss of control over ourselves. It cuts to our very core. It denies our Spirit.

Our fellow humans in some countries are this very day choosing freedom over powerlessness, even if it means incarceration or death. Most of us living in Western countries have been spared such dire circumstances, though we’ve had a taste of what it could be like, in the past few years. We cannot, as a society, afford to be lulled into the false belief that we are being ‘looked after’ by those in positions of leadership and authority, if the exchange currency is our freedom… Freedom of speech, the freedom to be who we are, to live according to our most life sustaining values. The only time your freedom is not a right for you is if that freedom overrides a basic human right of another. This is important to note, for it makes sure our integrity compass is always switched on.

As 2022 comes to a close, I urge you to begin living from the inside out. We can do this by first looking deeply within ourselves and seeing ourselves as people of courage and integrity, with ability and talent, who love and respect ourselves. Yes, ourselves! Because if we cannot see ourselves in this life enhancing way, we won’t be able to see others in this way. It all starts with you, yourself, with me. When we choose to live from the inside out, we make our decisions, our choices and responses based on these very life affirming principles, which render us as the authentically powerful human beings that we were born to be.

Read books and articles that inspire you, that encourage you. Avoid or limit spending time with small minded and/or negative people. Choose to mix with people that are like minded, broadminded and optimistic.   

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