HAPPY NEW YEAR – Welcome 2023!

World Time Cycles form the platform for the world and its inhabitants. The platform from which to launch desires, needs, wants, aspirations and expectations. In turn, they are encoded with their own mandate, with their own intentions, expectations and demands for humanity. World Time Cycles offer all that is necessary for accomplishment, growth and power, through the opportunities and challenges, written therein, according to their numeric directive and duration.

Time Cycles and the numbers which govern them do not make things happen. I cannot repeat this enough times. Neither World Time Cycles nor the numbers which govern your life through your own Personal Time Cycles or Life Profile chart, make things happen. They do however, reflect what Life/God/The Universe, is offering you within a certain time span in order to be all that you were born to be, and achieve all that is written therein for you.



Welcome 2023 – A year directed by the number 7, which sits within the 225 Major Time Cycle, under the direction of the number 9. This year, the world, humanity as a whole, has the 7 interacting with the 9. Intuition coupled with ‘high end’ expectations. By high end I mean qualities that are more Divine than human.

Your own Personal Year Cycle sits within this 7 directive for 2023. Your best responses to world and personal Time Cycles lie in your directive number. Keep in mind that your PYC runs from birthday to birthday, not from January to December, as for World Time Cycles.

The year 2023 is intent on letting us know that we do not call the shots; that we are here to respond to Life, not dictate what Life should be. It’s a number that tells us to release the controls. The 7 experience cannot be controlled. In 2023 we have the receptive or receiving mode of the 9 coupled with the introspective and ‘go with the flow’ mode of the 7. When these two numbers unite, as in 2023, it can result in a lowering of mood and mental health. It can also bring a lowering of energy. On the world stage, this year is not about going after things, but rather for allowing things to come to us. Leaders of nations or corporations, those making decisions for many, take note here, because force will not deliver and can create more obstacles. 2023 is however, most conducive to study, learning and perfecting.

The 7 experience comes with an element of loss. The loss varies accordingly. It can be a loss of time, an economic loss, human loss etc. For example, 2023 will bring home to nations losses in areas resulting from what they implemented during the Covid years. If we look at the Russian/Ukranian war, the biggest loss is of course human lives. The additional loss is that neither nation wins. In real terms, all nations, including those not directly involved, lose as a consequence of war, regardless of how outcomes may appear, or what leaders might say.

The 7 being the number of wisdom, tells us the way to live 2023 and prosper is to rise above the rif-raf, the pride, the selfishness, to move away from emotions, which are transitory, to raise the bar and respond from a level of wisdom. I wonder how many leaders, how many people in positions of authority will have the courage and insight to respond in this way? Will we? We must!

An increase in loss of life and environmental loss is imminent for 2023. How much the increase will depend on the responses of those in authority to world events. Human rights or should I say, the denial of human rights, will be more on focus. Some leaders will lose power, in degrees, according to how close or not they are aligned to the mandates of the number directives governing our times.

Due to the 7’s influence of uncovering and bringing out wrong or unjust dealings, more intentions of deceit will be uncovered. This year the 7 is empowered by the light of the 2 directing the Millennium Time Cycle, which shines a light on injustices.

 2023 asks those in authority to stop pretending to ‘fix things’. The environment needs an enormous clean up. Let’s start by eliminating what is unhealthy for humanity, because what is toxic for humanity also poisons the environment and vice-versa. In this regard, people power has a most powerful edge. This is where we as individuals, can create the changes we want to see. Check your food labels and refuse to buy that which has the potential to jeopardise your health. For example, some foods may be organic, but are cooked in oils and/or other additives that have been proven to be detrimental to our health. When enough consumers stop buying these products, it forces change – either a change for the better or an end of that product.

The 7 questions and demands proof before accepting. Let’s not do something just because another nation does it. The 7 is the perfectionist and won’t settle for pretend fixes. This number invites us to include wholistic practices with traditional medical practices. Be particular about what you eat, what you drink and what you apply on your skin. You deserve to be as fastidious and selective as the 7 demands. Buy quality over quantity, in food and clothing. Take pride in wearing the clothes you have instead of discarding them for new ones just because you can buy them on sale. Make a shift towards consuming less animal protein – start with one day per week, or one meal per week.        

2023 is a year when Life calls us to look at what we have and to delete what hasn’t worked, what doesn’t work, what is unhealthy, what is selfish, what is indulgent in the extreme. It calls us to look at what has worked, what does work, at our talents, our ability, what we’re good at doing, what we excel at and to then maximise those, to skill those to the max! Don’t just settle for anything. This year is about specialising. It’s about choosing to engage with people who want you to excel, who want you to grow in character, in spirit. This is even more in regards to nations and corporations than individuals.

Water projects (number 7) and energy projects (number 9) need to shift towards being life enhancing, not just life sustaining. Life sustaining is maintaining. Life enhancing is improving.



The unprecedented floods, fires, earthquakes, tornadoes, chaotic weather patterns etc, are all side-affects of how poorly we’ve treated our home planet. Wars, violence, ill health, poverty, lack, etc, are side-affects of how poorly we have treated each other.

It’s like when I have an allergic reaction to a medication and swell up like a telly tubby. The difference being that I can get an injection to counteract my body’s reaction. But for planet Earth to counteract what we as humanity have done to her, what those in authority have allowed to be taken from her for hundreds of years…for that there is no injection. For that there is no quick fix. And so, we must endure the pain with her, be compassionate and forgiving of those who knew no better. For those who know better but choose to degrade her out of greed and selfishness, we must demand accountability. Accountability in monetary terms and other ways that can be used to right these travesties. Whilst forgiveness and understanding are major parts of the 9 governing our current 225 MTC, forgiveness does not delete accountability.  

The 7 is not about money, even though the 9 is, but it is about skilling up our talents and ability so we’re ready when opportunity comes knocking. And then let’s remember that there’s an element of luck in the 7. Don’t block it, let it come to you. Invite luck in.

If we want things to change, then you and I must change. And know that that’s where we are most powerful. United in change for betterment. Betterment for all. This is authentic power – allow yourself to feel it. Allow yourself to claim it, it’s yours. Allow yourself to use it. This extraordinary power is a power to be implemented for good! Abstaining from doing bad things doesn’t make a good person. A good person does good. Let’s make doing more good, our New Year’s resolution.

Have a wonderful year!




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