The end of times…

In recent months, more than a few readers have asked me if I believe the world is coming to an end. But it wasn’t until a few weeks ago when ‘a man of the cloth’ stated that we were nearing the end that I realised just how far the fear of the past three years has penetrated the human psyche.

Yes, the natural disasters and human created disasters and atrocities keep coming. Last night I watched 60 Minutes and was horrified to find that human trafficking rates as the second highest crime worldwide. That’s staggering! It would appear that slavery has reached its highest numbers in a so called civilised 21st Century. What a horror story! Only it’s not a story. It’s how gruesomely selfish some humans have become, and all for an insatiable appetite for power and money.

Money and power are not the enemy. The enemy is how money and power are acquired, as in this case, through the debasement of fellow humans, which is appalling and unacceptable. But do these prolific natural disasters and human made atrocities spell the end of the world? Do our current World Time Cycles reflect the end of times?


Here’s what I wrote in 2010

“In 2017 the world begins a new 225 Major Time Cycle under the direction of the number nine, which will conclude in 2025. The number nine has been a noted player in the past century… It’s the number that restores faith in humanity even after we have seen the very worst of behaviours. Its mandate is to rise above the heavy and tiresome qualities of the earth and live from a higher perspective, a spiritual perspective. Undesirable attitudes and activities such as selfishness, wanton indulgence, abusive sexual appetites, reliance on drugs or alcohol, and any other destructive habits that deny spirit, are the result of this number being lived from a negative base” (From Now to Eternity, page 95).

“The nine directive of the 225 Major Time Cycle will bring us many experiences in order to give us opportunity to practise forgiving and letting go, to practise compassion, understanding and a love which holds no condition… The last time the world went through a Major Time Cycle under the direction of the number nine was the years from 1936 to 1944, which included almost the whole of World War II. Those who survived had lots to forgive and lots to let go of” (From Now to Eternity, page 97).

“There’s more to the number nine than forgiveness. The directive number nine of the 225 Major Time Cycle demands a life lived with compassion, understanding and a non-judgemental heart for those who cross our path. It is love without conditions, for to place conditions on love would be to lower it to a chore when it is an act of godliness… The 225 Major Time Cycle will be a period of deep emotional feeling, some brought forth by gladness, some brought forth by sadness.”

“In addition, the nine expects us to give without thought of what we will get back. I’m not talking about giving away all you have. I’m talking about giving that which you give from your heart. The number nine heralds endings and conclusions. Some of these endings will be of our own choosing, but some endings will be chosen for the world by Life itself. If we choose to live according to the mandate of the number nine, its promises are incomparable and all encompassing, offering opportunities to reinstate all losses… Between now and 2025 we are in a period of transition. This transition period which includes living the mandates of our current 224 and 225 Major Time Cycles is intended to pave the way for what is truly to be the era for spiritually conscious living” (From Now to Eternity, page 98).

“I do not believe that the world will end in 2012, but I do believe that this human and environmental loss and aggression will continue…These catastrophes will continue to shock us to an ‘off radar’ degree for years to come” (From Now to Eternity, page 100).

I do not believe that what we are experiencing is ‘the end of days.’ But I do believe that what we are experiencing will continue… until we make the necessary changes…until we step in line with the mandates of our current 225 Major Time Cycle and its Nine Directive.

You cannot change the world, but you can change your world, you can change your life. And eventually, when enough of us are living ‘as one’ with the Cycles of our time, we will find that our world has also changed, changed to reflect what we have now become – an ‘at oneness’ with Life Herself.

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