The current state of the world is far from peaceful. 

Given nature’s recent rebellious responses such as catastrophic fires, unprecedented floods, earthquakes, cyclones, hurricanes and other natural disasters… Human created violence and wars, more recently that including Russia and Ukraine, and the threat of nuclear warfare from Putin, I thought to share with you this excerpt from my book, “From Now to Eternity.”       



“We must each bring forth our own personal peace before we can have world peace. The ancients tell us: ‘Seek the Angel of peace in all that lives, in all you do, in every word you speak. For peace is the key to all knowledge, to all mystery, to all life’ (Edmond Bordeaux Szekely, The Essene Gospel of Peace). When there is no struggle and when we are at peace with ourselves, when we are in this peaceful state of being, we live without fear. A simple truth, yet we struggle to attain it, and some of us struggle more than others. Humankind has been pursuing peace since the very first earthlings touched the ground. But peace is not something to be pursued. Peace is to be allowed expression, it is our natural state.”

“The wisdom of the ancient Roman, Marcus Aurelius, tells us that ‘he who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the universe’. You might live in a mansion and sleep in a luxurious bed, or on the street in a cardboard box. You can be a multimillionaire or not have money for life’s barest essentials. Many will tell you that it’s these very disparities that stop us from knowing world peace. But I say not. I have seen the poor who are more at peace than their millionaire cousins, and vice versa. I say peace emanates from within. If you have a peaceful heart and a peaceful disposition, then chances are you will have peace in your life. Peace does not necessarily mean that everything in your life is materially abundant. It means that whether your material lot is okay or not, you are okay with yourself.”

“Peaceful people do not blame others for their lack of money, lack of health or any other lack. Peaceful people are not resentful of those who have more than they. Peaceful people are willing to share what they have with those in need. Most importantly, peaceful people consider everyone their equal in the human stakes. They don’t consider themselves to be better or less according to what they possess. Self-worth and self-respect do not come with price tags. When we can live with peace in our lives, then and only then will we know peace in our world. When we are at peace with ourselves we can see others more clearly and be more open to helping in whatever way we can, for surely to help another is to help ourselves, and to deny another is to deny ourselves.”

“As soon as we offload earth’s weights of fear, greed, revenge, jealousy, hate, resentment and anything else that lacks love, the sooner we will know peace in our lives. The sooner we do that, the sooner we will know peace in our world” (page 106, “From Now to Eternity”).

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