The outcome to the Langadinos case, will no doubt form a precedent to many more such cases in the future


“The first time Sydney woman Jay Langadinos saw psychiatrist Dr Patrick Toohey she was 19, living at home and identifying as male. It was May 2010. Langadinos wanted to start on masculinising hormones and her endocrinologist had referred her to Toohey to assess if she was suitable for the treatment” (24/8/22)

The article continues to tell us that by the time she was 22, Langadinos had undergone a ‘bi lateral mastectomy’ and ‘a hysterectomy’. We could say that the biological distinction of what identifies as woman, had been surgically deleted at her request and the collaboration of her medical practitioners. At age 31 however, she decided that she wanted to be a woman after all and so is suing her psychiatrist for his alleged approval of her surgeries. So, you might be asking, “what does this have to do with Numerology?” (All is contained in Number and Numerology is a tool which provides access to that ‘all’ and which I use to understand people and the world in which we live. It’s a Science that Western Nations unlike Eastern Nations, to their disadvantage, are slow to utilise).

This new and current millennium, as I’ve said previously, is directed by the number 2. Part of its mandate is a marriage of male and female gender qualities. In other words, we are moving towards Androgyny. Androgyny is not non-gender, but a combination of both male and female genders, their attributes, qualities, characteristics.  

As it is with major societal changes, things are taken to the extreme, until eventually finding their centre. A centred change that can be understood, accepted and utilised for its societal benefits by the individuals which form society itself.

We are currently witnessing a surge of individuals seeking a different gender identification. And whilst I’m told there are currently over 60 ‘gender identifying’ descriptions, I’m referring here to the male and female genders determined by their anatomy, biology and physiology.  

Some babies are born without remarkable male or female genitalia and the doctors sometimes get it wrong in assigning a gender for such babies at birth. This can prove devastating, and so we can understand that some such individuals will seek surgery so they can be the gender they know themselves to truly be. It would be fair to also say that for some individuals it’s confusion that leads them to question their gender. Confusion created by societal norms and by the numerous gender identifications now on record. The teenage years are difficult enough, as youth evolves into adulthood, but now there is so much more that challenges young people. Conversations need to be had in the home first and foremost, where children and young people feel loved and accepted. Conversations that encourage questions, that offer clarity and time as the way to gaining an understanding of what’s really true for them.

The outcome to the Langadinos case, will no doubt form a precedent to many more such cases in the future. Which brings us to another of the 2s mandates, the shift in accountability. I will say no more about this because the case is before the courts. I will say however, that radical surgeries such as in this individual’s case must be considered much more expansively and more deeply from today. More questioning and more time needs to be given and taken by those requesting these surgeries, those assessing their suitability and the surgeons performing them. All this from a base of love and wisdom for the individual.

The last millennium was governed by the number 1, a male number which encouraged all that we attribute to being male. This millennium is governed by the 2, a female number, which encourages all that we attribute to being female (see chapter 5, ‘The Evolving Feminine,’ in ‘From Now to Eternity’).  During these 1000 years, Life’s intention is to bring the qualities, the attributes of both male and female genders together, in a ‘marriage,’ a ‘partnership’, intended to evolve towards a communion of both male and female qualities. A true equality, a world of equals living in peace, harmony and prosperity. I’m being idealistic you say? Yes, but also realistic, because this is precisely what Life/God/The Universe intends for humanity during these 1000 years.




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