When we look at the events that have unfolded in Australia in the recent Federal Election, it’s plain to see the influence of World Time Cycles. Let’s remember that these WTCs also determine the background and platform for our own Personal Time Cycles.

I didn’t profile the candidates for this election, however the date itself, 21/5/2022, predicted change. Not change that would come through the prospective leaders, but change that Life Herself planned to deliver. And so She did!

Many Morrison supporters gave their vote to other candidates to show their disapproval of his leadership. He no longer reflected honesty, integrity, nor vision. In my view, Morrison lost many voters when he denied us our freedom to choose to be vaccinated or not. What’s left when my freedom is denied me? His credibility and trust was lost when he stood up and said the Covid vaccine would not be mandated in Australia and with his next breath stated that non-compliance would mean most of us would not be able to work if unvaccinated. But the choice was ours, he said! What an insult to our intelligence! What resulted was thousands of teachers and medical professionals, yes, nurses included, leaving their posts, resulting in the vacuum we are now finding so difficult to fill.

I have nothing against vaccines. I’ve had my share over the years. Since their discovery last century, numerous lives have been saved. But to mandate without consideration to those who genuinely feared adverse affects, to only consider an exemption after the adverse affect had occurred, that’s dictatorial!  


The past has passed 

Gone are the times when we voted for the Liberal or Labor Party in the belief that they would do the best for Australia, even if not for us personally. When leaders of the so called ‘free world’ mess with the most valued human right, the freedom that separates us from Communist countries, can they truly expect us to vote for them? Only if they think us blind to the affront to our intelligence!

Never have I lived through an era of government which has created such division! And of course, this is across both State and Federal governments, which included leadership from both Labor and Liberal.


The female dilemma…

In 2010, I wrote “We have come through the male number one influence of the past one thousand years and we have begun the next thousand years which will be greatly influenced by the feminine number two. Make no mistake, women will play a major role in shaping our present millennium… Bringing women to the fore where they belong means that together with their male counterparts, society will find the balance that is needed in order to make this world sustainable, peaceful and abundant, just as it was always meant to be. It is up to us to build a legacy of love and cooperation, of winning through negotiation and good communication, assertive leadership, appreciation and the courage to do what is best for humanity” (From Now to Eternity, page 28).

In a millennium governed by the Female Principle, to not see and accept women as intelligent, strong, capable, competent and wise equals is political suicide! If you are still not convinced about the power and effect within the Time Cycles that govern our world, then look at the avalanche of female independents that changed the landscape of male dominated politics on the 21st May 2022!

Given all this, you might be asking, how will Anthony Albanese fair? Well, if he leads as did Morrison, he will fail. If he chooses to ignore the requirements of our current World Time Cycles, he does so at his own peril. Let’s hope he uses more wisdom than force. Let’s hope he is an inclusive leader not a divisive one. And let’s hope he establishes and leads Australia as a nation willing to negotiate on the world stage diplomatically, with every country, while maintaining our own sovereignty, in a respectful way, with his integrity compass always switched on. Let’s hope he doesn’t deny the Australian people their freedom which is a God given right and which is non-negotiable. To do so would push good people to act as they normally would not. To do so would open the way for mini revolutions which would over time escalate to major revolutions, such as this country has not yet seen. I’m talking Numeric Science here, not politics.  

The peace scripted in this Millennium Time Cycle will eventuate. That’s a given! But the how is up to us. Will it come about because we reclaim our integrity, our honesty, our accountability, our willingness to help our poorer neighbours whose tiny island nations are being eroded away by surging and ever encroaching seas? Or, will it come about through force?  Whilst some leaders can be ignorantly complacent about the needs of little nations, only compliance will be accepted by the most powerful nations. And let’s be realistic here, in the boardrooms of world power, Australia is still seen as not much more than a ‘little nation’.  If for no other reason than first and foremost to maintain our own sovereignty, our own freedom, when negotiating on the world stage our intention must always be to participate as a new “Switzerland.”  






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