Depression and other mental health illnesses are on the rise. I would say that mental illness is/will be the illness of this Century, more so now as a result of the ‘Covid-19 years.’ It’s understandable that an element of fear sets in when our health and wellbeing is threatened. We are human, after all. Yet, this fear was exacerbated by political and health leaders worldwide to the point that has left many feeling helpless and powerless to move on from it. What we now have is a new pandemic – a fear pandemic! Because of this fear with which we have been conditioned, we now have an increase of depression and other mental illnesses. But that’s not all. Many physical illnesses have their origin in mental and emotional illnesses and that’s another reason why we need to care for our mental and emotional health.

Depression has come to be described as anything from low moods, or ‘the blues’, to feeling that one is in a dark and consuming place from which there is no escape. With true depression being the latter and the others identifying as anxiety, to name just one. But of course, there are many more. There’s another aspect which defines mental illness, one which is important to identify before beginning treatment. Not all mental illness is organic. Just as not all mental illness is inherited and passed on by our ancestors.

“…organic and non-organic conditions are distinctive. While organic illnesses are characterized by physical and biochemical signs, non-organic disorders manifest only distressing experiences (as pains or anxiety) or undesirable behaviour (as abuse of alcohol)–phenomena that are inseparable from normal sensation, emotion, intentions and actions. The crucial point, however, is not to solve the problem of whether a person is ill or not, but to underline that we are dealing with two separate categories of phenomena – bio-pathologically and psycho-physiologically founded suffering and dysfunctioning.”

As confirmed in the above excerpt, it is crucial to determine if the illness is ‘bio-pathological or psycho-physiological,’ as organic or non-organic. The non-organic being such that can often be described as being in a state of suffering, unhappiness and powerlessness – in degrees.

I am not a medical practitioner, so I always encourage a client whose illness stems from an organic base to seek help through mainstream medicine. First and foremost because that’s not my field. Secondly, because the illness needs specific medical intervention which if left untreated, no amount of counselling will provide sustainable benefit.

My specialty and field of expertise is as a Life Profiler and my medium is Number. For me, numbers reflect Life itself – your life, my life and the life of the world. Pretty grand statement, you might say. Yes, but one that is true for me and backed by the work I do and its results.

What can we do? How do we regain our power and courage to enable us to once again face Life with a genuine confidence to meet the challenge, accept it, and then leave it behind us as we move forward and live the life we want, the life we were destined to live? If what you are doing is helping you, wonderful! I wish you continued improvement and success.

What I do is not for everyone. My work is to help you to come to know your power, your authority, your ability to better your life. If you are ready and willing to live the life you want, the life your heart yearns for, given all that is available to you, then you might consider a Life Profile Consultation with me. For more information, please go to CONSULTATIONS on my WEBSITE.

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