The Games of the XXIX Olympiad

(This article was originally posted on 29th July 2008)

It’s public knowledge that the Games of the XXIX Olympiad, will officially open on 8/8/08. But perhaps your curiosity, like that of many, has been faintly stirred as to China’s decision to have the opening on a date that has, undeniably, the number eight written all over it. And, just in case you might be tempted to think that this is purely coincidental, the scheduled time for the opening ceremony to begin is 8.08 pm CST (China Standard Time).

Before I became aware of the significance of the number eight in the timing of the China Beijing Olympics, I was under the impression that the Chinese perceived the number eight to be lucky in the same context that many westerners believe the number seven to be lucky. To my knowledge though, no western nation to date has deliberately planned a major event such as the Olympic Games to coincide with a date of multiple sevens. This has me thinking that perhaps the Chinese were taught things about numbers in their halls of learning that were definitely amiss in our school curriculum.

Many ancient cultures reportedly believed in, and were guided by esoteric sciences such as Numerology and Astrology. And though the advent of new age and quantum physics have in recent years converted some and diminished scepticism in others, most people still believe such things to be “hocus pocus”. And yet, here’s China, a nation taken seriously on the world stage, blatantly and unashamedly using its belief and knowledge in numeric science to set a date for the opening of the 2008 Summer Olympics!

Now, before you are tempted to dismiss this as “funny stuff” and something that begs to not be taken seriously, remember that it wasn’t so long ago that many considered acupuncture as something not to be taken seriously, and today, it is taught in some of our universities.

So what secret powers, charm or luck could the number eight possibly hold to convince China to employ its influence? The number eight is a number that is significantly active in the world today. We are currently in the first year (2+0+0+8=10, 1+0=1) of a major 224 cycle of world experience under the direction of the number eight (2+2+4=8).

Numbers do not in themselves make things happen, they interpret what has happened, is happening or is to happen. In my many years of study and research in the meaning of numbers, I would unequivocally say that I do not consider the number eight to be a lucky number. The so called luck that people think this number carries is only realised as a consequence of giving its all in everything that it undertakes.

To its advantage, the number eight holds within it the promise of great achievement and many possessions – wealth, success, money, power, strength, influence, property, business, authority and public recognition. It’s a number that does things on a grand scale, doing things half heartedly is not what this number is about. Hiding from facing consequences or making excuses for blunders and failures will not work – the number eight does not tolerate weakness, nor does it accept anything but 100% effort if success is to follow. If the number eight is prominent in your Numerology Life Profile perhaps you will agree with me when I say that this number does not allow you to “sleep on the job.” In order to attain and to then hold on to the reward and success which the number eight promises, you have to constantly keep your shoulder to the wheel, so to speak. You must be prepared to pick yourself up after being knocked down and then have the courage to start all over again.

For those looking from the outside in and seeing the owners of this number’s amassed fortune and power, they can be forgiven for thinking that the eight is indeed a lucky number. But that’s because they are not aware of the sheer hard work, perseverance and relentless drive that has gone into every ounce of success that is ultimately the outcome.

There’s a lot of testosterone in the number eight! Its aggressive tendencies however, are best tempered with assertive power rather than brute force. If we look at its form or shape, we cannot fail to see its symmetry and balance – as above, so below. From this we come to understand the importance of balance if one is to enjoy the fruits of this number’s potential. There is a spiritual influence here which needs to be nurtured just as much as the quest for material success. Its intense activity makes rest almost impossible, and yet it is absolutely essential if good health is to be enjoyed. At times the power and authority that comes with this number can make those possessing it dizzy with ego. But this is not the intention of the eight. Its true intention is that its power and capabilities be used for the benefit of humanity as well as the self, working with integrity and wisdom to bring about material abundance for all.

When we calculate China’s numbers, not surprisingly, we get another eight!

C h i n a

3 8 9 51 = 26, 2+6= 8.

The eight is China’s destiny number. You might call it coincidence – I call it intelligent universal planning. It would appear that China’s destiny is to attain and enjoy all that the number eight stands for, but will it? If it is to reap the abundant rewards of this mega number, it will have to meet this number’s mega requirements. Given that the numbers 2 and 6 make up China’s 8 destiny, means that its achievements will come through peaceful negotiation and cooperation with others (2), and through the employment and responsibilities of humanitarian principles (6). Spiritual consciousness is to be balanced with material gain if prosperity is to flourish (8).

We have witnessed the tireless cooperation of the Chinese people as they continue to labour against all odds to make everything ready for the Beijing Olympics. And both the humanitarian and cooperative aspect were evident during China’s recent earthquake, as citizens and government put in 100% effort in the massive rescue mission that was undertaken. According to China’s destiny numbers its climb to super power status is paved with serious hard work and untold obstacles. If it is to reap the rewards of its destiny and minimise its difficulties, then it will need to adopt and maintain these very principles.

So what can we expect on the actual day of the opening of the Games? Let’s do the sums, 8+8+2+0+0+8 = 26, 2+6 = 8. Incredibly, we end up with an eight yet again! In layman’s words we can expect China to put on a show intended to outdo all shows. This is in keeping with the eight’s showmanship credentials. Looking at the complete number pattern for the day, disruptions are possible, as the karmic number sixteen dictates proceedings from 4.00 pm to 8.00 pm AEST. Wisdom will be needed if the universal brotherhood and sisterhood of the Olympics is to be upheld and these Games proclaimed as “the best ever”. The number nine, which is active between 8.00 am to 4.00 pm, and again from 8.00 pm to 12.00 pm AEST, demands compassion and understanding. At the same time the nine’s intention is to unite the peoples of the world in universal love, harmony and camaraderie. Given that the number seven is in the challenge position from 8.00 am to 12.00 pm AEST, tells us that there is an undercurrent for things to happen, which some would prefer kept secret and away from the public domain.

The day’s events will need to be handled with understanding. Control is to be applied wisely, to maintain order and harmony, as the numbers guide. When China balances its quest for material acquisition with authentic power, integrity and spiritual guidance, as its numbers direct, it will be on track to becoming the mega power that its destiny foresees. And then it will be in the running to take its love affair with the number eight to the next level!

29/7/2008  – Anna Belcastro

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