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In my September 2021 newsletter, I wrote that, ‘due to the events that have come to light in recent days, I will be taking time away from my desk to focus on my health (and) will need to put all consultations on hold for now.’

It’s now March 2022 and as I prepare to return to the work I love, I would like to thank you for your kind thoughts, prayers and good wishes during these past six months.

Last August (2021), I was diagnosed with multiple cancers. My surgeons tell me they removed over 30cm of tumours from my upper torso. Yes, I’m still trying to get my head around that – 30cm! In 2005 I was told the tumour removed then was large and it was 5cm. It now sounds tiny in comparison. Like this one, that cancer was also at stage 3.

My daughter tells me I’m a walking miracle – for the second time! After 2 mega surgeries and five and a half weeks in hospital, I am in awe of what my body endured and from which it is still recovering in order to continue to house my spirit, my soul, so I can continue to live in the physical form. 

It was a time when my children became my parents. Their wisdom, love, care and encouragement was unwavering, and continues to be. As you would expect, I had a few meltdowns. I took to my ‘corner’ more than once. But then as one doctor said to me, ‘it’s a wonder you’re not in a constant meltdown.’ More than once I voiced that maybe it was ‘my time to go.’  

With my children and my medical team still keeping me ‘under surveillance,’ I’ve had to promise to not overdo.

Last May (2021), I wrote and posted this article on my website- WHERE DO YOU LOOK FOR INSPIRATION? . In that article, I wrote and I quote, ‘It’s during such tough times… that we are most powerful and most weak… We might not see ourselves as powerful when we are down. Yet we are… It’s at that moment that both victim and hero step up to take the lead.’ It’s also at that very moment that the fight for survival begins. The survival of you the victim or you the hero. Be aware, that fight will continue until you make your choice of victim or hero. No one else can make the choice for you. And you cannot be both. I know this to be true because I’ve also had to choose between victim and hero these past months.

After this enormous challenge and Life/God/the Universe, offering me another chance, I felt that I couldn’t just pick up where I left off with my work. I felt urged to offer more.

I am grateful to my medical team, for their care. I’m still in awe of my two surgeons, of their skill, care and kindness. My surgeries proved to be enormously challenging for them too. But in all this, with all the medical professionals giving of their best, I felt something profound was missing. Something very important to my recovery. There was no mention of my contribution towards my healing, towards my recovery. I found this unsettling and disempowering.

In view of this, I have decided to extend my Life Profiling consultations to include Life Profile Counselling to individuals going through life threatening illnesses. While I understand and respectfully accept that this might not be important to some people, that they might be happy to leave it all up to their medical team, I offer this for those to whom it is. For those who like me, believe and know that their responses can help them on their path to recovery.

The evidence is there. Both from a scientific standpoint and a physical one. I believe we play a very significant part in our healing. Over the years this has been shared by oncologists, surgeons and specialists during my various serious health challenges. Though I have not offered Life Profile Counselling before, I have however counselled clients on their request. This will not replace Life Profile Consultations, it will be offered as an additional service for those who seek it.

If you think this form of counselling can help someone you know, please email me or CLICK HERE  OR go to COUNSELLING on my website menu.

I wish you good health and wellbeing, love, peace and joy …🌻


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