All these 2s look impressive, but what do they mean?


What do these numbers reflect? What’s the message in this equation that provides us with the wisdom to live in harmony with the universe?

2+2+2+2+2 = 10, 1+0 = 1 

In this equation we have five 2s culminating into a 1. It’s an equation of opposites. All these 2s culminating in a 1.  Today Life encourages us, humanity, to make a fresh start. It encourages us to consider a totally new approach, or a new adaptation within what’s already established. Life is asking ask to look at the issues and problems we are facing, with new eyes, so to speak. The 1 Directive demands that we need to think creatively, with foresight. 

But the only way we have any hope, any chance of achieving this, is through the inclusion of others, demanded by the concentration of 2’s. By considering the input of others, even if those ‘others’ see things differently to us. Especially if those others see things differently. Because if we maintain the same approach, we can only get the same results.

By working together, being sensitive to our needs and those of others, by sharing our knowledge and resources we can achieve a fresh start. A start which can pave the way forward to prosperity. You and I can do this in our own lives, in our own circle of work and home. On a world level, or in your own state and country however, we need leaders with enough love, courage and confidence to do this. Leaders who stand for those they lead, first and foremost. But we also need enough people to demand this of our leaders.

To live in harmony with the Universe, we must first live in harmony with ourselves and each other. We can do this. The question is, will we? 

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