World Time Cycles form the base, the template, for the world. They are encoded with the opportunities, challenges, intentions, expectations and demands for humanity, for our world, according to their directive and duration.


2022 has made its entrance. Happy New Year! It comes with a 6 directive. This 2022 World Time Cycle has a duration of one calendar year. Time Cycles, whether World Cycles or your own Personal Time Cycles, can often overlap with each other. They don’t stop and start cleanly, sharply. For example, while you might make the decision to be finished with something, or with someone in your 9 PYC, the actual conclusion might eventuate in your 1 PYC. So here you will have a finality on something as well as a new beginning, which that finality initiates in your 1 PYC.   

Time Cycles and the numbers that comprise them do not make things happen. I cannot repeat this enough times. Time Cycles and the numbers which govern your life through your own personal Life Profile chart, do not make things happen. They reflect what Life/God/The Universe, is offering you within a certain time span. They are a template for your life, on which you are intended to build your life.

When Jill (not her real name), emailed me for a Life Profile consultation, she wanted me to tell her if she would marry her current boyfriend. I told her that from her Life Profile chart I would be able to tell her if the opportunity for marriage would be there. I would not however, be able to tell her if she herself would make the decision to marry her current boyfriend. My honest answer was not what she wanted to hear. Perhaps she did not want the responsibility of making the decision herself. Or, maybe she didn’t trust herself to make the “right” decision. Life is rarely, solely about what’s right or wrong. We can only ever make the best decision with what is available to us at the time. And while we may not always get the outcome we intended, the important thing to focus on is that our intention was good and made honourably, with integrity. The Science of Numbers tells me that we cannot control what comes to us, for it has already happened. But we can control ourselves, our responses to others, to what comes to us and in so doing influence that which is still to come.

Life is dynamic. It moves and flows from the experience to the response, which then prompts another experience and another response, and so forth. This to and fro between experiences and your responses is what creates your own personal life – your corner of the world.

The world also operates on a to and fro of experiences and responses. The difference being that each individual response forms part of a collective response made in unison with others. The strength and depth of feeling within the responses of thousands and millions of people that form a community, or a nation, or the billions of people that form humanity itself, is what activates further experiences for the world. This is how and why our every response affects another, and ultimately the world community.



This year, 2022, is the sixth year of the current 225 Major Time Cycle for the world, for the human family.  If we are to expect the best outcomes possible this year, then we must be willing to give our best responses to the experiences we are given as a collective people. We must also factor in our responses from previous Time Cycles which also influence the year’s outcomes. Of equal importance is the 225 MTC with the 9 Directive on which 2022 sits. This has been active from 2017 and concludes at the end of 2025. “The number nine has been a noted player in the past century. Along with numbers one and five, the nine is considered an essential number to have in your profile. Let me explain why. The number nine contains the qualities of all the numbers. It’s the number that restores faith in humanity even after we have seen the very worst of behaviours. Its mandate is to rise above the heavy and tiresome qualities of the earth and live from a higher perspective, a spiritual perspective. …attitudes such as selfishness, wanton indulgence, abusive sexual appetites, reliance on drugs or alcohol, and any other destructive habits that deny spirit, are the result of this number being lived from a negative base. During these nine years of the 225 Major Time Cycle, we will have to let go of all these things. It’s a period which calls for a release of those things that have stopped us from living as conscious human beings.” (From Now to Eternity, page 95).

In reading the guidance and requirements scripted into this current cycle of time, perhaps we can begin a conversation with ourselves. We can ask ourselves how true we are living to who we were born to be, how closely aligned are we to what Life expects from us, offers us. In recent years we’ve experienced “off radar” natural disasters. And then there’s Covid-19. “The nine directive of the 225 Major Time Cycle will bring us many experiences in order to give us opportunity to practise forgiving and letting go, to practise compassion, understanding and a love which holds no condition. How will you respond? Will you go with the mandate of this Time Cycle or will you resist? The last time the world went through a Major Time Cycle under the direction of the number nine was the years from 1936 to 1944, which included almost the whole of World War II. Those who survived had lots to forgive and lots to let go of.” (From Now to Eternity, page 97).

This is not a time to be fearful, yet, neither is it a time for complacency. It’s a time to align ourselves with the 225 MTC Directive and the Year Time Cycle for 2022.

The 6 Directive of 2022 offers success, love, charitable works, generosity, family and community harmony. This is what its intention is for humanity. When lived in the positive, all this is visible and possible in degrees. When lived in the negative, people can become tyrants and bullies. They can force upon you what they believe you need without consideration to your true needs or wants. The help they offer is according to what they justify as necessary. This comes from a deep sense of personal pride within the six. When lived from a positive base, we instead see within the six, a genuine sense of self- worth instead of pride. It supports others lovingly, willingly, in the spirit of true equality.

What concerns me about our world in 2022, about world leaders, is what can happen if they respond from the negative aspect of this number, if they allow their pride and belief that they know what’s best, to get in the way of honourable diplomatic leadership.  

The three 2’s which make up the 6 Directive, ask that we use cooperation rather than force or demand to achieve what we want. This is paramount for anyone in a leadership position or any position that places them in charge of others. The 2 is sensitive about what is said to it, about how others treat it. When lived in positive mode, it will see this within itself and so not react in ways that can be detrimental. When lived negatively however, it can be underhanded in its attempts to get back, to punish those it deems have treated it unfairly.

The 6 Directive asks that we support others without taking over. It asks that we respect each other’s basic human right to autonomy.

Success, love, wellbeing, harmony, generosity, charitable works, care for others, environmental improvement… All this and more is embedded in the six which governs 2022. How much or how little we see of these beautiful qualities and possible outcomes will depend on how closely aligned our collective wants and needs and those of leaders are with our current World Time Cycles.


I wish you a healthy 2022. May you prosper in every good way. Most importantly, may you have the courage and self love to live true to the unique and wonderful person you were born to be… HAPPY NEW YEAR!



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