Shopping centres are bustling with shoppers. It must be the thrill of being allowed out after strict Covid lockdowns and the excitement of Christmas. Many tell me the end of 2021 cannot come soon enough. It’s been difficult. Many anticipate a return to “normal.” Others say that any “normal” will be fleeting.

While it’s the end of the calendar year, it may not necessarily be the end of your Personal Year Cycle, for it changes with your birthday. And while the calendar year directive is a general guide for the world, and forms the background, it’s your PYC directive that is specific to you, to your life and the experiences you are living.

My current PYC is an 8. Certain areas in my Life Profile chart indicated health issues, so when in July I had surgery to restore my hearing, I thought that would be it. I didn’t look for anything else. But there was more. What came soon after was harrowing and life threatening. Two major surgeries and 5 weeks in hospital. I’m happy to say I am now much improved and overjoyed to be home. I will write a more detailed article in the months ahead, once my treatment is completed. I want to share with you the numeric connection to it all, as well as other findings.

One very important thing I can say is that throughout this life-threatening episode, it was my PYC that I looked to, to help me come through with the best outcome possible. While my hospital room numbers, medical appointment dates, surgery dates and surgery times indicated what would be my experience, it was my Personal Year Cycle which I looked to for guidance in how to best respond to these experiences. The requirements and guidance of my PYC are always with me. They are constantly in my mind, during the good and not so good of life.

The power to decline my experience was not mine. I could not ask for something easier. I could not stamp “return to sender” on it. Such is the physical reality of the world we live in. Once the experience is delivered, we either respond to it with the best we have or we give up. I took to my corner for refuge numerous times. I had a few meltdowns. It’s normal when we’re going through such difficult experiences, it’s part of our human condition. We need to be kind to ourselves, to love our vulnerability as much as our strength. Even so, I knew I could not remain in my corner for too long. I knew that if I refused to face reality, if I refused to respond, my soul would read that as giving up on living and switch to a release of life mode instead of a changed life mode. My 8 PYC revealed a response demanding strength, authority and resilience. Wisdom and balance, reason and intuition. Anything less would simply not cut it.

My heartfelt thanks and gratitude for your love, prayers, healing energy and kind thoughts during what for me has been a most challenging, painful and traumatic experience. You have helped me get through this, thank you.


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