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(This post was first published on 14 April, 2014) 


You are sweet, but not too sweet

You are wholesome and good, made only from the best ingredients. You have little signatures that give away the intensity of your baking time. You may even be a little burnt around the edges…you are distinctly different – Yes, you are like my biscotti!

Perhaps if I machine shaped my biscotti, they would be more perfect in appearance, they would ALL look the same. But I prefer to hand shape them, so I can infuse my most important ingredient into them – love.

Like my biscotti, you also may think you are not perfect in appearance. You may think you are not as good or as successful as someone you know. But your impasto, your mix, was shaped by something more knowing and more loving than you can at times allow yourself to even imagine; your mix came together by Divine hands.

Your mix was Divinely infused with everything you need to be happy and successful in your own unique way.  Your recipe for success and happiness is not in anyone else’s mix, it’s only in yours. Discover it, love it, and bake your magnificently beautiful life with it!

Yes, you truly are like my biscotti!

And when you’re ready to start baking, I have your recipe… go to CONSULTATIONS on the menu bar and make your selection.    

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