Surrender requires more than sheer abandon

When Elvis Presley recorded “Surrender” in 1961, it raced to the top of the charts. Of course, the surrender Elvis sang about was the romantic kind. But whether we speak of a romantic surrender, as Elvis sang, or a surrender to the Divine within us, it requires something more than sheer abandon. To truly surrender, there must be trust. Trust in whom or what, we are surrendering to. Without trust, a genuine surrender is not possible. Without trust surrender is only partial and not a surrender at all. To surrender then, you must be able to trust that who or what you surrender to, has your back. Has the best intentions for you and wants only good for you.  

We have arrived at a time of human development, of human consciousness, that requires an enormous shift from us. A shift from reliance on what’s outside of us to “save” us, to protect us, to guide us, to what’s within us. Yet, before we even contemplate a surrender, it is necessary to release the fear. The fear that has us insisting on wanting to know that if we do this, we’ll get that. When fear is present, surrender is thwarted. The other trust requirement is that we accept that the result or outcome will be the best possible, the best available. Regardless of what the outcome or result is.  

Surrender to the Divine allows us to release the stressful thinking that we must act, that we must do, that we must fix it. Surrender allows us to respond to the challenge from our very best, always in accordance to the variables open to us at the time. And then…to release our intention, our expectation. Release the how, release both the journey and the outcome to the Divine within us.

For sure, this can be far more difficult than any real or perceived challenge. And yet, this is what we’re here for. This is how we were intended to live, to evolve into more conscious beings… by walking on the earth lightly. Impersonally. Not timidly, but as the powerful, creative, loving and beautiful spiritual beings we are. 🌻







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