Some of you might know that I have/I had, a hearing impairment. In recent years the hearing in my left ear had reduced to zilch, nothing. So, when my ENT suggested surgery, I immediately said YES!

I was given a date, 16/7/2021. As you can guess, I began doing the calculations in my head. I must say, I would have preferred an easier set of numbers. A week later, sharing the date with one of my students, she said, “Change it!  Ask for another date.”

A few years ago a young mum to be came to see me. She was given two dates for a C section for the birth of her baby. Which should she take? I profiled the dates and found that both carried a significant number. One date showed the number would be as a Birth Number. The other date showed that very same number would be influential for the first third of the child’s life. So either way, that number would be significant and contain important consequences in that child’s life. In this example there was a choice, and you can see that whichever date this young mum to be chose, it would be in keeping with her child’s consciousness development and expansion in his/her physical journey.

I didn’t have a choice of dates for my surgery. I was only given one date. I profiled the day as it held in the Universal sense as well as its influence in the personal sense for me. The Universal calculations included more than several numbers which are significant on my Life Profile chart. My Personal day calculations were more loaded.

The Universal day is general, it applies to everyone, even though not necessarily significant in the same capacity or intensity to everyone. The Universal equation can be seen as what Life intended for me in the general sense. The Personal day equation reflected what it held for me personally, along with the best way for me to respond to ensure the best possible outcome.

The 1 directs my life. The 19 behind it told me that on that day, I would feel Life pushing me to stand on my own. Nothing unusual for a 1, but the 19 pushes the envelope harder. As it happened, double lockdown meant I had to be dropped off at the hospital entrance, after which I was on my own. In my Personal day calculations, the 1 occupied Challenge position. Maintaining composure would prove difficult, and it showed with a 175 BP reading pre-surgery. It’s never been that high and prompted an ECG. I’ve always been fine doing things for myself, yet as independent and self-sufficient as I am, my calculations told me that on this day I would need to up size my courage. And let’s keep in mind that though I’m a chick in spirit, there’s no denying that I’m a Third Age hen in physical age!

The 7 would draw me inward and ask me to trust not only in my medical team but also in my invisible team. The 16 in the day number reflected an element of Karma. Nothing unusual here, the day was a culmination of many months of preparation and anticipation for this very surgery. 

The 8 currently governs my Major Time Cycle and expects strength, resilience, sound management and emotional control. Nothing less will do for this number! On this day it doubled up, my PY number is also an 8. The 5 governs my Heart, so the events of the day were very close to my heart I would feel them deeply. The 6 is only evident in my Personal Day calculations and is most active from 8.00am and 4.00pm and then again from 8.00pm to 12.00 midnight. The 6 significantly governs health and this number has occupied my Challenge Position since age 54. My current Age Number is also governed by the 6. The 11/2 from 4.00pm to 8.00pm reflected a response from me combining self- reliance and assistance.

The 22/4 is the most challenging of numbers as an experience, but it also offers a significant life change if you can align yourself with its requirements. I can whole heartedly tell you that it’s only when we don’t understand an experience, that it can become unbearable to the point of having us want to throw in the towel. It doesn’t have to be so. The 22/4 doubled up, as it is also currently active in my name experience.


Why I didn’t ask for another date

Our experiences are so interconnected with those of others in our lives. Our lives, our experiences, what comes to us, our responses… they are like tapestries, woven and interwoven within the very fabric they weave. In changing the date for my surgery, for an easier experience, I could not be sure that the change would be an improved experience for my medical team. I didn’t want to risk that. You can see why I am both careful and respectful when asked to advise on making changes to what is already set in place by Divine Intention and reflected in Number. I chose instead to understand what this experience, what this set of calculations was intent on demonstrating to me, on teaching me. You know how I refuse to go through a tough experience and not get some benefit from it, well I did. I learned that though I have totally surrendered the outcomes of my responses, my wants and needs, to Divinity, I have not yet fully surrendered the journey. Sounds like I’ll be a work in progress until….maybe 100…110, 120?

The next time you are dealing with something extraordinarily challenging, whether a court hearing, surgery to enhance your health or to save your life, a grand celebration, or any other significant event in your life, seek to understand how it will influence you, what it expects from you, what it promises you and how to best respond to ensure you get the best possible outcome. And then, be willing to align yourself with the Divine Intention reflected in the numeric calculations behind it. 




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  1. Janice Gaarenstroom
    September 3, 2021 at 11:25 am — Reply

    Anna …”May the Force be with you” in this journey you are undertaking.

    • September 15, 2021 at 9:27 am — Reply

      Thank you Janice…

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