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As we move further into this Millennium directed by the number 2, sensitivity continues to grow – as either an advantage or disadvantage. It is scripted, but how we use it is up to us, as individuals, as groups, communities and nations.

When used positively, sensitivity allows us to face both our vulnerabilities and strengths and use them in ways that encourage us to live to the fullness of our potential. Sensitivity also allows us to tap into the vulnerabilities and strengths of those in our lives and help them live to the fullness of their potential. This in turn fosters an attitude towards Life and those with whom we share it that moves us towards living an impersonal life. A life that is far less stressful, more joyful, content and more successful. A life in which we impersonalise, where we do not take personally our experiences and those who bring them to us.  

Living an impersonal life requires an acceptance that all that comes to us, is about us. It requires an acceptance that those in our lives are part of the weave of Life and our connection to each other. When we can allow accountability for a wrong or an injustice to take place without diminishing a person’s spiritual humanity, when we can ask of Life/God/The Universe, “What are you asking of me through this experience?” …Then we are living an impersonal life.

When a young mother came to Buddha and begged him to bring her dead son back to life, his answer was that she go to her village and if she could find a family that never experienced the death of a loved one then her son’s life would be restored. Of course, she could not find such a family. As much as we don’t like it, the human element includes suffering, loss and pain in addition to joy and happiness. To give our time and energy to constantly stating how unjust Life is, how unfair people are, is to deny the power that is within us to create a better life, an impersonal life. How fair or unfair some people are was never intended to be stressful or concerning for us, but rather to give us opportunities to showcase our impersonal responses to their fairness or unfairness.  

We have agreed to the Life contract/mission which provides experiences for us in order for us to practise and excel in the very qualities written therein. Until we accept what is, we cannot change it. Until we can accept, colloquially speaking, that we only have ingredients to bake a butter cake and not a fruit cake, we will not bake any kind of cake, nor savour it. Once we accept what is, we are half way to what can be.

Sensitivity is a wonderful asset to have. It allows us to feel vulnerable without feeling powerless. I encourage you to move towards an impersonal life. A life lived doing your best, giving of your best to yourself and others. We are souls who have come to earth to grow, evolve and expand the Divine within us. Living an impersonal life can help us do that with far less pain and suffering and far more joy and accomplishment. Bringing this about means using right judgement rather than being judgemental. It means looking at another’s joy and success and replacing any envy or feelings of less, with happiness for them. It means re thinking what we believe “should” be and accepting that differences are not necessarily wrongs. It means getting back to your own life, living YOUR life and showcasing YOUR talents, YOUR ability and YOUR good character.

Living an impersonal life rewards us with –

  • Far less stress and worry
  • A more contented life
  • More joy and success
  • Better health and wellbeing
  • Love, peace and joy 

If we want examples of people who have lived impersonal lives, then we need look no further than Jesus and Buddha. Of course, there are others that you can think of that are closer to the human element …but let’s remember that both Jesus and Buddha lived as humans, in the physical world. Like you and I, they also faced the challenges of a material world in living their Destiny, in fulfilling their spiritual contract.    

The challenges we face are not intended to hassle us, though at times that’s what it feels like. Like the whole world is against us. Challenges are in fact intended to push, nudge and encourage us to live in a way that is worthy of ourselves, of our uniqueness and magnificence.

Like everything, it starts with a willingness…Are you willing to live an impersonal life?


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