Calculating his Birth Number as 16/7, an 8 Destiny, Heart 6, Life Achievement 6.

So far so good – until I see…


I remember watching the 1994 Fifa World Cup in the early hours of that July morning with my two youngest boys. Just as clear is my memory of Baggio missing the deciding penalty goal for Italy, which meant victory for Brazil. What prompted this memory? On Sunday evening I watched, “Baggio: The Divine Ponytail,” on Netflix. If you are not familiar with soccer, Roberto Baggio is recognised as one of this elite sport’s greatest. Before watching this movie I had no idea just how challenging his life was. So many hurdles, setbacks, disappointments and injuries. As you might have guessed, as soon as the movie finished I picked up pen and paper to chart his Life Profile. I wanted to know why!

Calculating his Birth Number as 16/7, an 8 Destiny, Heart 6, Life Achievement 6. So far so good – until I see 3 sixes and 2 sevens in his name! It was clear that this 6 intensity was his biggest drawback and challenge. It opposed everything his Birth Number reflected. While his 16/7 BN lay claim to an impersonal approach, attitude and response to Life. His 6s pushed for the very opposite. He was at odds with himself but he did not know it! It was like he was living as two opposites.

Looking at his LP chart, I would say that what saved him from an even more testing life was finding Buddhism. Buddhism, like the mandate of the 7, shifted his focus towards a more non-resistant response. Had he known what Life was offering him, asking of him, expecting from him, his life would have been far less stressful, more harmonious and possibly even more successful. But he didn’t know.

Profiling the date for the World Cup final on the 17th July 1994, I can see that the Universal day was directed by the 2 with a 1 challenge. The 1 directs both Baggio’s physical life and intellectual responses. Both were in the too hard basket on the day. For him personally, the day was directed by the 22/4, the most difficult and challenging Master Number. Though this number claims the unachievable as achievable, he doesn’t have a 4 in his LP chart, which would add to the already enormous challenge reflected in this 22/4 Master. In addition, it carried an 8 Challenge number, which governs his Destiny. Needless to say, his numbers were stacked against him to score the winning goal on that day. The goal he kicked was ridiculously high, it went way over the top of the post. He couldn’t believe it. Later he said that he’d never kicked a missed goal so high. He couldn’t understand how he could have done it.

We are all here to live an impersonal life, but first we must understand what that means for us as individuals, on a personal level. It’s a life-long journey but one worth embarking on. I can tell you that once you experience it, you won’t want to go back to anything less.

If you are a sports/soccer fan, or if your interest is in the human/divine condition of which we are so powerfully and lovingly created and which drives us, then you might find this movie as interesting as I did.


More on how you can live an impersonal life and why you might want to in next month’s newsletter. In the meantime, have a beautiful June! 🌻   

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