Where do you look for the hand up?


What and who inspires you to get up when you are down? Where do you look for the hand up? When you are at that very low point, the lowest, when you’re ready to throw in the towel. What enables you to get up and give it another go?

Whether it’s a life threatening personal illness, or the illness of a loved one, financial loss, loss of a job or a home, the death of someone you love, a relationship break up, the end of a marriage, a business gone bust etc. There are so many things that can push us to our corner. Some knock us out before we can make it to our corner. However we get there, however we end up there, at that point, the important thing is whether we get up or whether we stay down. Let me add something very important here – please know that we need to stay down and take the count sometimes. To patch up our wounds and gather our strength. First and foremost, treat yourself kindly. Always.   

It’s during such tough times, during those dark nights of the soul so to speak, that we are most powerful and most weak. But we often see only our weakness, our bruises, our lethargy. We might not see ourselves as powerful when we are down. Yet we are. You are, I am, we are! Because it’s at that very moment, often unknowingly, that we make the decision to give in and stay down, or summon the courage to struggle to our knees and eventually to our feet once again. It’s at that point, your lowest point, that you unknowingly, or knowingly make the choice to be a seeker and receiver of pity, or a giver of courage and inspiration. It’s at that moment that both the victim and the hero step up to take the lead. 

Neither choice is easy. Both are equally difficult. Yet, only one has the power and love to make your life and the lives of others better. One offers fear and blame, the other offers Life itself…the very essence of all probabilities, of all that is possible.  

When we look at people who inspire us, they do so not because they encountered no difficulties, but because they met their difficulties and in so doing showed us that we can too. We might not always get the outcome we want, but it’s in the meeting, in the willingness to walk through the tough stuff that empowers us to be the ALL of who we were born to be. And then to love the All of that and walk through this beautifully awesome and at times harrowing adventure we call LIFE with love and courage, in peace, joy and authentic power that is ours by Divine right and no one can take from us. We can give it away, when we choose fear, but it can never be taken from us. And even if we give it away, remember, it’s always there for us to take back… when we choose love, peace and joy. 🌻

You gotta love that, and anything less is not worthy of you!


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