Sensitivity is an asset when used constructively


“Have you noticed how much more sensitive people are becoming? It’s almost like I do a double take before I say something. I’m on constant alert for fear of offending.” This is how one client explained it to me.

As we move into this millennium, directed by the 2, sensitivity will grow. The sensitivity of the 2, unlike the sensitivity of the 3, tends to lay fault at the messenger, at the other. When we don’t understand sensitivity, we can place ourselves in a dangerous position. The position of ascribing to victimisation and/or victimhood. Neither will serve us well. Both can move us into servitude, knowingly or unknowingly.

Sensitivity is an asset when used constructively, in the positive. It allows us to emote our feelings gently, softly, even if assertively. It directs us when determining our responses at work and at play. For example, if a client’s Life Profile chart reflects a difficult experience coming up, my sensitivity to my client’s feelings, to his/her ability to face the challenge is of equal importance to meeting the challenge itself. You can see how when used in the positive, sensitivity carries immense power for good. 

When your sensitivity is misinterpreted, it can derail your success and happiness. Not only yours, but also those involved. It can have you shifting from a capable person to a victim. We have all felt victimised at some point or other. We all know that awful feeling of smallness when someone says or does something hurtful to us. But, to remain there once the incident has been dealt with, would make you the perpetrator of a continued victimisation towards yourself. And this can be dangerously detrimental – to your health and to your level of accomplishment.

If we are to thrive in this millennium then we must manage the 2’s sensitivity, we must be self-aware. The past millennium and century World Time Cycles were directed by the 1. So, it’s important that we maintain the individuality, the I-ness, the me, the “I am”, therefore I matter and have a right to be here, acknowledgement and ownership of this. The assertiveness, the taking charge of and resolving issues, the foresight, the courage, the initiative. It’s about using, blending and adapting the knowledge and skills acquired in the past to make improvements in our present and present-future.

So, the next time someone says or does something that makes you feel small, ask yourself if he/she intended to offend you or was it that the person has a strong assertive personality which your sensitivity finds difficult to handle or dislikes. Use the initiative of the 1 to ascertain if what you felt was intended or not. If it was intended then use the courage of the 1 to take charge and to address the issue assertively, confidently. Aggressive and abusive individuals need to be held accountable. It is our duty to do so, as much for themselves as for ourselves. If it was your sensitivity that let you down, then use that same assertiveness and courage to assume authority over your sensitivity and re direct it to ways where it can serve you to flourish. Remind yourself of your strengths and of what you have accomplished, of the challenges you have met and walked through.

Understanding your sensitivity and assuming authority in directing it, is powerful. It encourages you to stand strong and gentle in your “I am.” Remember that you matter, so don’t settle for less than the whole of who you were born to be.

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