Social media is flooded with people selling you what you want. Truth is, if you don’t have the talent for acting, you cannot be a successful actor. If you don’t have the ability to lead, you cannot be a successful leader. The other important criteria is timing. We might have the ability, but Life doesn’t always offer us success at the time we want it. Helen Mirren didn’t achieve success in acting until later in life. She wanted it earlier, but Life deemed it wasn’t to be. Joe Biden wanted to be US President for most of his adult life, yet Life did not deem it to be until now, at age 78.

A few years ago a young man came to see me for a Life Profile consultation. He was a young singer in a band eager for fame, wealth and success. He was no longer happy to do small gigs. When I looked at his Life Profile chart I saw that his upcoming Major Time Cycle of 9 years was intended for him to perfect his craft, it was a period in which to prepare for the success Life had planned for him though it didn’t offer it at the time he wanted it. Life deemed he wasn’t ready yet. I encouraged him to keep singing, to skill up, to learn more. But, he said he couldn’t wait. He stopped singing and got a “regular job.”

Life is so much more than we experience with our senses. To only live through our senses is to deny ourselves the expansive support on offer from Life Herself. When we are prepared to walk with Life, with Divinity, we can transcend limitations.  We cannot force Life to give us what we want when we want it. This is an instinctual want. But we are made of more than this, we were made for more than this. We are beings of Light, here to create as much with our mind, our thoughts, our feelings as with our physical attributes.

Most of our sorrow and unhappiness comes because we want what is not for us or is not for us yet. “Your desires go out from you in time, but in all directions. On the one hand as a species your present forms your future, but in even deeper terms your precognitive awareness of your own possibilities from the future helps to form the present that will then make that probable future your reality” (P111, The Unknown Reality, A Seth book). This truth reflects what I’ve come to know through Number. Your possibilities and probabilities, along with your abilities and talents are numerically encoded in your Life Profile chart. It contains self-knowledge intended to help you live as the whole of who you were born to be. This self-knowledge places you at the helm, it puts you in charge of your life. It tells you if what you want is in sync with what Life has planned for you. Knowing this opens you up to all that is achievable for you. Once you choose to walk with Life and align yourself with Her plans for you, then you will see your stresses diminish and your success and happiness maximise.

All this will be in Book 2 of 3 which I am currently writing. With this book you’ll be able to chart your own Life Profile. If you don’t want to wait for the book, then you can click here and make an appointment with the rest of your life, today.


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