Given the current state of our world, with this pandemic still dominating what we can and cannot do, putting  our lives and health at risk, with the divisiveness, aggression and violence in some countries, I’m re publishing this article. It was originally posted on 31 August, 2018. 


Most of us tend to look at Life from a more positive than negative perspective. We can see light even during Life’s darkest moments. But sometimes even with all my optimistic numbers, I find Life to be unbending – hard as nails. As I seek to understand the ‘why’ of certain happenings, which are out of the reach of human understanding, I must come to the reluctant acceptance that we are not meant to know the why of some things…well, not yet anyway.

No one seems to walk through life unscarred. We have all felt the pulse of Life as She brings experiences, which take us through a gamut of feelings and emotions. Some we welcome and joyfully accept. Some we resist, and unwillingly accept. Some we are forced to accept. Such as when we lose someone we love, someone close to us, or when we lose our home and possessions and have to begin life anew, or when we succumb to a life threatening illness. These are major life changes that we must walk through, even though we may drag our feet in the process.

Everyday the media brings loss of human life and environmental devastation into our living rooms, and though we feel the sadness and compassion, it never carries the same intensity than when it occurs in our own personal lives.

It’s at such times that I am prompted to ask, “Does Life trick us?” When Life brings us happy experiences and successes is She boosting our morale, pumping up our happiness hormones with a super dose of joy so we can better handle the avalanche of sorrow and loss She can see coming straight at us? Does Life trick us into accepting the tough stuff by giving us packages of happiness in between?



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