Falling in love, buying a house, selling a house, starting a new job, having a baby, starting a new business, first plane trip, learning to drive a car…

Doing something new, especially doing something we haven’t done before, can be most exhilarating and most frightening. The excitement of doing something new gets the ball rolling. It provides us with the desire to try, to attempt something we haven’t done before. The fear, the scary part cautions us against it. If we are to succeed in taking the leap into the unknown, we must keep the fear in its place. The caution is relevant but not the fear. If we allow the fear to supersede the enthusiasm and excitement, then we’ll retreat. And we will never know the powerful love force that comes with achieving something new. Years later, we might say to ourselves that ‘we should’ve done that’. 

This is where we are in world terms, in human terms, in consciousness expansion terms. We are at the beginning of when the world of Spirit meets and lives with the world of matter. I cannot even begin to imagine anything more exciting! The soul in us, the spirit, provides the desire, the exhilaration, the can do, the excitement to venture into this new way of living. The human instinct in us, provides the caution, but again I say, if we allow that caution to turn into fear, we’ll retreat. And in so doing, we will survive instead of live. We will attain our needs and wants through struggle instead of the power that comes with aligning ourselves with God/Life/Universal Energy.

Look at it this way, the electricity connection in your home allows you to power your hot water, your TV, your oven, and other appliances. The reason you can do this is because your home is aligned/connected to that very electrical power grid that generates it to your home. Imagine how scary this would be for someone who has never experienced this, to do it, to say ‘yes’ to it. Compare the benefits. What can many candles and oil lamps power for you?

In Australia we are moving back into ‘normal’ living after the lockdown brought about by COVID_19. Yes, we have witnessed death and loss in our country, and though they’ve been minimal in comparison to other countries, it still is death and loss. Many believe that a vaccine will be the saviour. But will it? And then what when the next one comes along? Yes, there are times when we need the powerful meds, and at such times they can save lives. But we cannot  deny our responsibility, our part, our responses.

We cannot go back to what was and expect things to be different. When something as major as this pandemic takes hold, we cannot go back to doing the same things, to living as we did with the situations that created it. 

We must endorse the courage and power within us and begin to use it, not as a band-aid, but as a preventative, as a safeguard. Let’s build our immune system, nourish our bodies to withstand such things, so that even if they come, their effect will be minor. And of course, most importantly, we need to switch our mode of thinking, feeling and responding. In health, we know the efficacy of the Placebo Effect. We also know the efficacy of the Nocebo Effect. We can do this by being willing to align ourselves with that Higher Power… From then on we can begin to live authentically empowered, as Life always intended… as the rose.


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