It’s time to stop and evaluate our lives…

To ask the all important questions…

This Corona Virus crisis has forced us into situations we never expected. It’s turned the world on its head! The world as we’ve come to know it, is no more. World leaders are having to make decisions in what is unprecedented territory. Sure, there was the Spanish Flu, but that was in 1918. As citizens of the world, we, humanity, are having to respond and adapt to these decisions and prevailing circumstances as best we can.

It’s an all-encompassing catastrophe. The situations and circumstances brought about have affected each of us, though differently. Some have experienced the death of loved ones. Some have experienced financial loss, loss of jobs. Some have ironically increased their wealth. Some have contracted the virus and have survived. In Australia, we have been more protected than most other nations.

World leaders are having to make decisions that they never thought they’d be making. But not just world leaders, individuals like you and I too. For sure we cannot pick up where we left off. There can be no going back to what was, to how things were. It’s time for change. And the only way to change the world is to change our personal world. If we as individuals make sound and workable decisions, then so does the world. Because the world is made up of billions of individuals like you and I.

Be self-aware

I encourage you to move away from COVID_19 media overload, otherwise you risk getting overwhelmed, mentally and emotionally, confused, and believe it’s too much, too hard to cope with. I’m asking you to pull back into your own space, within your own circle, where you can do much more. Look at your situation, your family situation, your neighbourhood, and think of some ways you can bring positive change into your everyday life, no matter how small. Be deliberate about this.

This pandemic has demonstrated that International borders are invisible and unenforceable in cases such as this. We move between nations as we move between suburbs. Whatever we carry within us, whether a virus or love, affects others. We cannot see this virus, but we can see its effect, its consequences. We cannot see how what we do, how our choices and responses affect others, but we can see the consequences they create.

“An Adelaide shopper has attempted to return thousands of dollars’ worth of supplies to a local supermarket after stockpiling them at the start of the coronavirus panic buying outbreak, a retailer says” ( I think you’ll agree that dire circumstances bring out the worst and best in people. Examples such as this person’s selfish actions, buying more than he needed and so denying goods to those who did, are in the minority. We have witnessed far more good in people. And this gives us hope and confidence, in our tomorrows, in the goodwill we can generate for ourselves and share with others.

Our current World Time Cycles tell us we can create a better world, a world where love, peace, joy and wellbeing are the norm. But let’s be clear here – this will only happen when we live these very qualities in our own personal lives, with those who share our lives. I am optimistic that we can, what about you?

I wish you good health, love, peace, joy and the opportunity to work and know success, for yourself and others. In other words – I wish you A Rich Life!    



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  1. Stefania Blasutto
    May 3, 2020 at 11:42 am — Reply

    As always ….. ❤️

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