The Numerology Course at Intermediate and Advanced Level is now also offered and delivered one workshop at a time as well as the complete  3 Workshops Course for each level.

This is in answer to the many of you who have contacted me to ask if you can begin your studies with one workshop.

If you want to learn Numerology but don’t want to commit to one of the Courses offered, then perhaps this is for you.





Over the years I have made changes to the delivery of The Numerology Course with the intention of best meeting the needs of my students, your needs. More recently, many of you have asked me if I would consider offering one workshop at a time. This will not replace what’s already in place, as many students are finding this delivery suits them well. For those of you however, who would prefer to begin or even to continue your Numerology studies one workshop at a time, I am happy to offer this.

Whether you are a beginner at Intermediate Level or continuing at Advanced Level, you now have the option of enrolling for one workshop at a time. The Numerology Course at Diploma Level will remain the same because at this stage I believe it is the best way for its delivery.

Please note: It’s entirely up to you whether you do one workshop only, or whether you continue with more workshops. For your benefit keep in mind that if you wish to continue with more workshops, each workshop builds on the previous one, whether you pick up another in six months or six years.   


#To see if doing the complete course at your level of choice would be more suitable for you please click here-  NUMEROLOGY COURSES.





How you can benefit by doing the Numerology Course

  • If you want to establish a career in coaching or counselling
  • If you are considering a career that helps people come to know their purpose and potential in life and how to achieve it.
  • If you want to be a Numerologist.
  • For your own personal needs – if you wish to discover why we are each so uniquely different.
  • If you want to specialise in Relationship Counselling.
  • If your passion is to be a professional Careers Advisor, for the young and not so young.
  • If you are a parent and want to gain a deeper understanding of your child/children so you can guide them in minimising their challenges and maximising their success and happiness.
  • If you are a Health care professional, particularly in areas that include counselling, psychiatry, psychology and psychotherapy and want to gain a deeper understanding of your patients’ spiritual, physical, emotional and mental needs and aspirations.
  • If you are a teacher, mediator and/or human resources professional wanting to add a deeper level of human understanding to your attributes.

“Being a therapist I’ve had access to and used most of the common commercial personality profiles available to professionals but nothing compares to the level of detail I gained from your service.” L.C. Sydney. Read more from LC


Each Workshop is flexible –

  • You can choose to do your Numerology Workshop tutorial in person, via telephone or by Skype.
  • You can take as little or as much time as you need to complete, up to 9 months.
  • It’s your choice to continue with additional Workshops or if one is sufficient for your needs. 
  • Each Workshop builds on the previous one.


The Course is comprehensive –

I have personally written all the notes for each workshop. I have yet to see a more comprehensive Numerology Course, it covers every area of Numerology. 

The ten years I spent as a teacher and trainer for WSIT, including as a Training Module writer, has provided me with the skill and competence to put this course together in a way that is professional and easy to learn. In addition I have a Cert. IV in Workplace Training and Assessment.

Some of you have shared with me that you have done numerology workshops where you were not allowed to ask questions. I encourage questions, because they help us learn.


Now you’re ready to start…

Once you have paid for your Workshop, I will email your notes to your inbox. As part of your first Workshop I will organise a time/date suitable to both of us as an introduction. This can be by Skype or telephone. If you have any questions, you can ask here. Allow approximately 10 minutes for this.

You then study the notes in your time – some students take three or four weeks, others take months. You study at your pace, according to your time and schedule. You have 9 months to complete your Workshop. When you are ready you email me to make a time suitable for both of us for your one on one Workshop Tutorial with me, AB. Workshops are via Skype, telephone or in person.


Each Workshop includes-

  • All notes and lessons pertaining to the specified Workshop.
  • Workshop tutorial of 60 minutes, one on one with me, AB. 
  • A Certificate on completion. 
  • If you are doing the Workshop via Skype or telephone, your certificate will be emailed to you.

Please noteWorkshop Tutorials are offered in person, via Skype or telephone. 

Terms and conditions:  Once you have paid for your Numerology Workshop and your notes have been emailed to you, no refund applies. Please note that Course structure, fees, tutorials and delivery may change over time.





Numerology Workshop I – description overview

Pre requisite – None

  • Everything is reflected in numbers. Discover what Numerology can tell you and how you can use it to maximise success and happiness in your life and in the lives of your clients.
  • Numbers and their meanings.
  • Karmic and master numbers – the huge opportunity that is offered to some individuals.
  • Letters of the alphabet and their corresponding numbers.
  • How to draw up a Numerology Life Profile Chart.
  • Overview of Birth, Destiny, Heart, Personality and Life Achievement Numbers – the main areas of interpretation and their significance in our lives.
  • Meaning and interpretation of the Birth and Destiny Numbers – The life story written in everyone’s name and birthdate.



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Numerology Workshop II description overview

Pre requisite – completion of Workshop I

  • Heart Number – the stuff that drives you – your passion for living, what you love!
  • Personality Number – interpreting “the persona,” why people don’t always show their true nature.
  • Planes of expression – how people react to life issues and situations and why. Indicators for one’s preferred response – some people are more at home in the practical and physical aspects of life, for others it’s the intellectual, for some it’s the emotional response whilst some operate more from the  intuitive level. Discover/learn why our responses to Life, to what happens to us can be different to who we are when we call the shots. Most Personality Assessors used by Psychologists, Counsellors, and other professionals are based solely on this area.


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Numerology Workshop III description overview

Pre requisite – completion of Workshop II

  • Character Traits – the stuff of you – your true character.
  • Points of Intensification – special talents, skills and potential, career indicators.
  • Challenges including Habit Challenge – what can stop an otherwise talented person from realising his/her success and happiness. How to turn it into a positive.
  • Pinnacles – interpreting the past, present and future – how to take the opportunities Life constantly offers. Understanding the past, present, and planning for the future.



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Numerology Workshop IV description overview

Pre requisite – completion of Workshop III

  • Personal Years – interpreting the meaning of each year in a nine year cycle of experience. Honing those special qualities, year by year.
  • Personal months and Personal days. Working with Life helps eliminate fear, minimise any potential fall out and encourages opportunities for advancement.
  • The importance of the Life Achievement Number and its influence in one’s life – why some people never retire. De mystifying mid life crisis. Planning for the Third Age.
  • Life Achievement Number attractions to Personality, Heart, Birth, Destiny, Reality, Personal Year and Challenge. What this tells you about relationships is astounding!


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Numerology Workshop V description overview

Pre requisite – completion of Workshop IV

  • Life Experiences – this reads like chapters in an autobiography,  past, present and future up close and personal.
  • Name experiences – every letter of your name has an experience timed according to its mandate, its mission. Each letter of a name combines with letters from other names to offer a chapter in the life story it is reflecting.
  • Meaning of the letters – discover the meaning of each letter and the experience it reflects.


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Numerology Workshop VI description overview

Pre requisite – completion of Workshop V

  • House numbers – meaning and interpretation, numbers to avoid and why.
  • Cities and suburbs – meaning and interpretation, cities and suburbs also have a mandate.
  • The relationship of numbers – meaning and interpretation of how one number relates to another. The proximity of numbers. How an overview of a Life chart can tell you if the life will be difficult or easy.
  • Baby names – how to choose the best names for newborns in relation to their date of birth.
  • Name changes – choosing the best name for success and happiness needs to be prepared with full consideration of the original Life Profile.
  • Business names – why some are destined to fail and some destined to succeed.
  • Relationships – understanding business and personal relationships, the areas to look for compatibility and success. The importance of understanding each other.


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