Much has been written about Destiny, but not much about understanding it or how it functions on a down to earth, everyday reality. Here it is…

Your Destiny is the framework of experience encoded in your birth name. The Romans had a saying, “Nome est omen,” meaning, the name is the Destiny. Your Destiny therefore, is to be understood and used as the framework from which many of your life experiences can be both launched and actualised. This ‘framework’ is set, but the probabilities it offers are for you to choose. With every choice you make, you set up the next scene of your life.   

When you were born you were given a name as a means of identification in the world. Your name however, is much more than this. Your name is also a repository for the field of probabilities from which to build and live your life. A rich and meaningful life, a successful and happy life, culminating in an expansion of consciousness. That was and is Life’s (also known as God and The Universe) intention for you.

Think of your Destiny as a vehicle or mode of transport. Now consider this scenario. You are going on a very important journey – a journey of discovery and accomplishment, the journey of a lifetime. This requires you to choose a mode of transport – a car, a truck, a bike, a motorcycle, a helicopter, a 4WD, an aeroplane. So, you chose a mode of transport that you believe will best fit your needs, one that allows you to experience earth life in ways that best suit your purpose, for all that you want to learn and accomplish – for the expression and success of your intentions.

Once you commence your journey, you cannot change your mode of transport. How well you understand the function and ability of your vehicle, how well you maintain it and how skilfully you drive it to the capacity that it will operate and function at its best, smoothest and safest, will determine the degree of comfort, success and accomplishment on your journey.

If for example, your vehicle is a car and you spend most of your journey bemoaning it because you now want a helicopter, then your journey will be more of a struggle than an adventure. Chances are that you will be so preoccupied with not having the helicopter you want that you will be haphazard in your driving and in caring for your vehicle. Thus, creating problems for yourself that never existed. In addition, you will not have a helicopter to fly, and you will miss out on the opportunities offered for success and happiness along the way.

Your Destiny is yours, you cannot give it back and ask for another. Sure, you can change your name, and that will open up another lane of opportunity along the road, but it will not delete the Destiny already encoded in your birth name.      

Your Destiny and its framework of experience can be likened to your vehicle in the above scenario. It’s important to understand that your Destiny is not in your jurisdiction. It comes under Divine jurisdiction and so is not in your control. Your response to the experiences it brings you however, is very much in your control and very much in your power. How well you understand your Destiny and how willing you are to align yourself with what it offers, will determine the success and happiness you will enjoy. This is what it means to be the master of your Destiny.  I encourage you to get to know your your Destiny, to understand it and all that it offers and expects from you. I encourage you to manage its challenges, care for any friction burns, accept it, love it, take the success offered and live it to the max!

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