The Nine Cycles of a Rich Life


IF you purchased your book before 14 January 2020, or know someone who has, then please read this important notice, as it may or may not apply to you. 

An editing error was discovered in my recently published book, The Nine Cycles of a Rich Life. I offer you my most sincere apologies for this. At the same time, I offer my thanks and gratitude to a client friend of many years who noticed it and brought it to my attention. 

I contacted my publisher immediately and I’m happy to say the error has been corrected. But to be certain that your book is not the one with the error, I ask you to check it.

Please check to see if  your book has this edit error, rest assured if it does I am happy to replace it with the newly updated one.  


Please note:

The editing error was in the two examples given on pages 15 and 16 as below. 


On page 15, it should read-  

Example 1:

For someone born 31 December.
Write down the day and month of your birth along with the calendar year you last celebrated your birthday


On page 16, it should read-  

Example 2:

For someone born 20 January.
Write down the day and month of your birth along with the calendar year you last celebrated your birthday


What you can do –

Please make a pen correction yourself. Then when you receive your updated book you can simply tear out page 15 and place the old copy in the recycle bin. Also, as not everyone who purchased the book is on social media or a member of my Newsletter Circle, I ask that you tell anyone you may know who has the book about what’s happened, and the replacement offer.


How to claim your newly updated book-

Please email me here with the following details-

Your name

Your postal address

Month of purchase

Name of bookstore, from which you purchased. 

Was it a paperback or EBook?


The Nine Cycles of a Rich Life, is a book which I believe carries within it the tools to change our lives for the better – spiritually and materially. For this reason, it’s important that you and future readers have the book precisely as I intended it to be.

Please email me with the above details and I will make sure your newly updated The Nine Cycles of a Rich Life, will be on its way to you as soon as is humanly possible for me, my publisher and the delivery/postal system. 

Once again, my most sincere apologies for this inconvenience and my heartfelt appreciation and gratitude for your patience and understanding.

Anna B. 🌻

PS Since posting this I’ve had many of you tell me you will make the changes by pen and keep the book instead of a replacement. My heartfelt thanks for your generosity. If you choose to do this please know that as a ‘thank you’ I’m happy to give you a complimentary Birth Number and Destiny Number Profile valued at $30aud. Go to the links, work out your Birth and Destiny Numbers, email them to me and I’ll email you the written profiles.   



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