As each calendar year draws to a close, many people will tell you it cannot end soon enough and they cannot wait for a better new year to begin. Hope is a wonderful thing to have, but hope without intended action does not produce results.

Numerology offers much to help us on our journey, as individuals and as nations, but it can only do that when we choose to use it, when we choose to implement its wisdom. 

As we tune into the evening news, the hope for better begins to dim. We are constantly bombarded with dread, violence, natural disasters and catastrophes, the majority of which humans have created. When writing 2012 from here to eternity in 2010, on page 161, I wrote, “I do not believe the world will end in 2012, but I do believe that this human and environmental loss and aggression will continue. These catastrophes will continue to shock us to an ‘off radar’ degree for years to come.” So much of what I wrote in that book is happening now. After many of my clients pointing this out to me, I decided to re publish the book. FROM NOW TO ETERNITY will be released on 12 January 2020.

We can no longer defer the truth of the dire state of the world to the ‘do later basket.’ Re publishing FROM NOW TO ETERNITY is intended to encourage, empower and enable the majority, people like you and I, who want peace and prosperity for all, first and foremost. I encourage you to use the knowledge and tools in this book to overwhelm and diffuse all that is less than these.   

If we continue to showcase the injustices, the atrocities and loss via the media without offering a solution, without doing what we can as individuals, as groups, then we are only adding to the fear that is gripping so many, especially the young. If we continue on this path, the peace scripted for this millennium will still come about, but it will do so through an escalation of violence and destruction. This we do not want.

Within 2020 is the Master number 22/4 – a magnanimous number, but also a complex and sensitive number. Though when understood, it can make the impossible possible. It combines spiritual and aesthetic qualities with a stark down to earth realism – a communion of opposites, indeed.

We are in transition to a new world order, one that promotes peace, justice and a sharing which does not deny personal power and authority, but promotes it in ways that include and help others. If what you want comes at the expense of another’s basic human rights, then it cannot be justified and needs to be reconsidered. Syria is almost barren, a wasteland of warring debris, a wasteland of displaced people. And for what? When we look at what’s happening in Hong Kong, and more quietly in the USA and other western nations, we can see that force and a displacement of basic human rights does not work. In Australia we have experienced bush fires which still burn as I write this on New Year’s Eve. Some say it’s due to climate change, but I say climate change cannot be touted as the only reason. A fire fighter volunteer recently told me that 85% of fires are deliberately or accidentally lit. Let’s make climate change unite us instead of dividing us. Let it spur us on to do more to protect our environment, our communities, to promote clean energy, to waste less, to conserve more.

The Master 22/4 governing 2020, tells us it’s time to accomplish what the majority believe is impossible. This number provides opportunities and guidance as to the how, but it’s up to us, to our leaders of government on every level, to leaders of business, both multi corporate and family owned, to our school teachers and parents and every individual on the planet.  But will we do it? Many believe we have already reached tipping point, the point of no return for our planet and humanity itself. But have we?

2020 will have lots of ideas being floated, lots of probabilities to be considered for workability, to be realised, so many expectations, so many worthwhile thoughts and dreams. Mostly honourable, worthy and principled in nature. But the way to make them happen, the way to bring them from the idea, from the plan to actuality, to something tangible, will require more than good intentions. 2020 tells us in no uncertain terms that the only way to achieve what’s needed, what’s necessary, is to work with others. To pool the ideas, to debate them with integrity, to be reasonable and forthcoming in compromise, to be sensitive to the needs of others while at the same time making sure our responses are devoid of over sensitivity, to refuse to play the victim or complacency card. It’s the realism and acceptance card that‘s needed. Until we accept what is, until we accept the true state of any situation, we will not move forward, we cannot advance from that situation or circumstance, whether managing a family budget or managing United Nations. The reason being that until we know where we stand, we cannot know in which direction to turn for humanity’s true north.

Solutions cannot be rushed in 2020, we must accept that some things take time. 2020 demands that we use the gentler qualities of diplomacy, graciousness, win-win intentions, sharing and peaceful negotiation wrapped up in responsibility, duty, realism, a fresh look at traditions that still function and those that no longer function. And hard work.

I believe we can do it. But will we?

When each of us, or even 1% of the whole lives like this, we will no longer have to want world peace – we will be living it! HAPPY 2020!   




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