The Cambridge dictionary states that a leader is “a person in control of a group, country, or situation. ” For me though, after profiling the lives of numerous men and women from diverse career backgrounds, from leaders in trade industries to leaders of nations, I must say that this definition is grossly insufficient.

Like many things in life, leadership is not black or white, nor the grey of its in-between. Numbers tell me that leadership comes in colour! Many colours –  from vibrant primary colours such as born leaders to their combination of primaries which create different hues of leadership. Which are you?

“But what does it matter?” After all, a leader is a leader. I say not. And to that I’ll add that unless you know your leadership colour, the capacity in which you are here to lead, you will not know the difference you can make in your life and those you lead. Unless you know your leadership colour you will not know the true measure of success and happiness which is possible and open to you. 

Leaders can be found in all walks of life, not only in high profile careers. They can be found taking care of a family, a company, a school, a nation, a store…

Be aware though, that the information offered here is about ability, talent and opportunity. Being born a leader does not automatically make one a good leader. Leadership needs to be skilled up through training, knowledge, practise and experience until it stands out from the rest. After all, leaders are here not to fit in but to stand out. A leader however, need to make sure he/she stands out for the right reason. Leadership, like other qualities, comes in degrees which is determined by the skill, passion and expertise of the one who leads.


Leaders Possessing Primary Colours

These are the born leaders or those destined to lead.

Such individuals either possess an innate quality that makes them natural leaders, or Life has destined them to use their talent and natural abilities in leadership positions. George Washington, the USA’s first president was a natural born leader. Barack Obama, the USA’s 44th president was not a born leader but Life called him to leadership through the destiny written in his name.

If you are a born leader you will have the inherent ability to do and be the following. If your Destiny calls you to leadership, Life will expect you to use and to be the following-

  • To take charge of a situation and direct its course of action for betterment.
  • To solve problems.
  • To direct people and place them in positions where their talents and skills can be most utilised.
  • To know what to do when others do not.
  • To stand on your own.
  • To be assertive.
  • To be reassuringly confident.
  • To have the courageous to go where, and do what others are reluctant to do, or will not do.
  • To initiate and innovate.
  • To use foresight.
  • To be a creative thinker.

If you are a One Birth Number then you are a born leader. To know if you are a born leader click on the link to calculate your Birth Number

If your Destiny Number is a One, then you were destined to leadership positions. To know if your destiny is one of leadership, click on the link to calculate your Destiny Number


Leadership with different hues of colour

For others still, leadership can be offered to them within a specified time span. A certain number of years when Life offers you the opportunity to take the lead and to be outstanding in some area of your life and/or career.

For some individuals, leadership sits close to their heart and while Life may not offer outright leadership, She encourages the individual to find some area, whether in career or hobby, in which he/she can assume charge and take the lead. To discover your colours of leadership, the unique individual you were born to be, click on the link for more information- Life Profile.





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