There are many ways to pray, the most common being rote prayer. A form which is written by someone and that we learn or read. My type of prayer is what I call a talk prayer. Some might call it a conversation prayer. It really doesn’t matter as long as it meets what you are attempting to convey to Universal Intelligence, Cosmic Consciousness, God, The Chief, Divinity, Life, The Universe etc. Yes, there are many names for God, depending on your beliefs, how you view God, His part in your life. Just as you would for a parent, child, or close friend, you may have more than one name for God, depending on how you’re feeling when speaking with Him. And yes, we know that He can also be referred to as She. When we write about such things however, it’s important to keep things simple, so I use He.

In recent decades the name God and the word prayer have become uncool. We have seen prayer given a more modern name – The Law of Attraction. But whether it’s a conversation, a prayer or the Law of Attraction you are relying on to bring you your needs and wants, it’s all the same Almighty Energy making it happen. Most forms of prayer are offered in supplication. “Please God, save me from this disease. Please God, let me get this job. Please God, I need money to pay my bills.”

Most people pray when things are not going well. When they are in trouble or sick or broke or lonely. Many pray when they are close to desperation, but that can be like talking to a sentencing judge and begging for a reprieve. May I suggest that you give talk prayer a go? Simply talk to God, the way you would to your best friend. Tell Him when you feel lousy and also  when you’re feeling fabulous! Tell Him what your deepest desire is, what you want, what you’d like to see in your life. Voice what you like about your life, what you love, what you are grateful for… For many, it doesn’t matter how they pray, they will tell you that their prayers are never answered. But is this true?


Two essentials for  activating prayers –

Pray in the present –

Did Jesus not say that when we pray we must pray in a way that we consider what we pray for is already ours? He did. This same mode of prayer was also found in the Isaiah Scrolls which were discovered in the early part of last century in Qumran. And so the next time you pray for something, listen to what you are saying. If it’s a new job you’re after, one which you love and pays you an ample salary, try this approach-

“Father God (or your preferred name for God) Thank you for my current job. As you know I don’t really like it, but I’m grateful that it pays my bills. The job I’d love is ……..and I’m ready for it now. I can see myself working there now. Thank you for my new job. It’s amazing and I love it. My income is $….and I can now afford to buy what I need and what I want. Thank you. I love that you do this for me. Even if I cannot always see it, I love that you make everything perfect for me.”


The second essential is feeling-

As you engage in these talk prayers, feel every word. Feel what it would be like to be in the job you love. Feel what it would be like to be paid so much money that would allow you to meet your bills and have more left over for the things you love to do and buy. Feeling activates the process. Feeling takes your prayer from the field of possibilities to the here and now. Now, let it be. Relax, believe and let it come to you, in its best time. 

Sometimes we can forget what we’ve asked for in past talk prayers and so when our prayer is answered we don’t recognise it. This is what happened to me recently. Over the past few months I’ve had two people whom I’ve known for most of my life tell me that they no longer wanted me in their life. As you can imagine, I was very hurt. As the days passed and my mind began to clear, I realised that both of these friendships had been one sided. I had never felt love or kindness from either of these individuals. But I was too busy making excuses for them to see their true nature. And then during a talk prayer I remembered that I had always thanked God for protecting me, for keeping me safe from all evil and harm. In recent years I had been very specific in that He allow into my space only those who had good intentions for me. It then became clear to me that these individuals were taken out of my life in answer to my prayer. They were distanced from me by Divinity for my protection, because they did not have good intentions for me. So, I released them, with love and good wishes. I thanked God for keeping me safe, for making everything perfect for me, even if I could not always understand what was happening.

I encourage you to give talk prayer a go. I want you to experience what I have experienced. I have found living like this to be far more peaceful, far more loving and absolutely empowering. It allows me to walk through Life’s challenges with courage, confidence and certainty that even in the midst of what may appear to be chaos, I am being looked after. To quote Paul Newman in the movie of the same name, for sure, ‘somebody up there likes me!’ And you too! 🌻  

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